Green & Copper - step by step

Pat Lat

Mad Flyentist
What is the tinsel you used for the green, I was thinking uni peacock/orange obviously with the peacock side out, but I wasn't sure. Also same question on the not winters hope pattern. I cant decide which one I liked the most.
Hi Pat. It's translucent pearl Mylar tinsel. It's almost clear but the prismatic color shift reacts with the black underbody to produce green. There is a materials list in the linked sbs.
The Winters Hope is the same material over slate blue floss.

Pat Lat

Mad Flyentist
awesome, I looked at the sbs but was confused (as I often am) because they turned out so green. I was lucky enough to get one of them from the fly swap, I wont use it, it will just be added to a collection of flies I've received from fellow tyers. I really like how you did the overlapping hackle for the wings, It gives it just enough color variation. And of course they were all beautifully tied, we were all quite impressed.


Just call me Jon
NICE! Thanks for the SBS. I was the lucky winner of that set. I think Pat means the tie is too beautiful to fish...which was the general consensus. I'll be using your supermodels to tie up my own.
Thanks all, much appreciated but I hope that after you tie one to get the pattern down you take mine and fish it. A fellow forum member sent me an email a while back about a big Skeena fish he hooked on one of my shrimp flies from a swap last year. Made my day!

I'm working the kinks out of a new pattern right now and will post soon. I call it the "Country Doctor". I think it'll be a fisher...


Just call me Jon

With Summer Steel around the corner, I've used your G&C as a model for my own creations. I'm working on a similar pattern...with silver wire, purple dubbing/orange floss, and purple/orange wing. I tied up a couple last night, and was a bit disappointed in the wing...they just didn't seat as uniformly as I'd hoped. Any tips on hackle selection and seating? I'd appreciate it.

I may regret this as it might reduce my own opportunities to buy but...

Look at the auction site for Whiting Steelhead/Flatwing capes. They work great for Glasso style winging. Another alternative is JimsFlyCo which have capes with his brand that look like Whiting seconds to me.

The key with seating the wing is actually what comes before. Build up as low a shoulder as possible with the collar before tying in the wing. I also use a set of needle nose pliers to compress the collar stem and some extra thread wraps to form a smooth transition. Finally, tenting the wings in the Glasso style will create a lower wing but it's a fiddly process and take some trial and error. If I'm short on time, I just line them all up on top in a knife edge and don't worry about it. The wing will pop up but in the current, it doesn't make much practical difference.

You can see the tented wing a little better in this photo:


Just call me Jon
Thanks Thomas! I'm a big fan of the flatwing capes. Also just picked up a Metz Magnum #1 with some nice feathers as well. I will give it a go tonight and let you know how it goes.

IDK if I'm ready for tenting yet...