Green Lake

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    Got my sons on the water today in the Kayak and the older one had three great strikes and no fish and the younger one caught three, two fat triploids around 18 inches. I returned later in the day, without the boys and got into five more triploids before the winds picked up. I've found this lake to be a miserable place to fish and a better place to run around, but not today, it was a total blast. Seemed like everyone was catching. In an unscientific survey fly hookups were way more often than the shore-based bait guys who were keeping whatever they caught. There was a lot of surface action. More than one of the triploids had some semi-recent beat up snouts so my bet is they won't be round long, that and an Osprey and two bald eagles were working the lake. Those birds have hatchery mutt radar for sure, either that or they read the WDFW stocking report....