green river gorge

just a note to let you know not to park at the cemetary near the one lane bridge on green river gorge rd. thanks to some rude people, my self and another car no longer have front windows. funny though they left my gore-tex jacket and took my shorts, socks and froot-of-the-looms. the driver of the other vehicle said people get burglarised there all the time. have to say the fishing was good though. jer

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
Sorry to hear about the break ins. Same thing happens on the I-90 / Hgy. 2 trailheads. Sure would like to sit in the bushes and wait for the vandals to show up!
What a bummer. Sorry to hear it, jditto, but thanks for the heads-up. On a better note, were you fishing for steelies or resident trout?
only fishing for the little guys. they were hungry for dries and a ton of fun. curious, have you seen steelhead that high? i have never caught one and i would like to catch one in a setting like that instead of a large river. jer
Oh, yeah -- Green River metalheads can certainly be found in the gorge and even higher, on up through Palmer/Kanaskat and into the Tacoma Headworks water. In fact, the little ones you're catching are likely steelhead smolt, so please handle with extra care. Tight lines.