Green River

Went to the Green Saturday night to check things out. Looks good, tons of fishing rolling in there. Friend of mine went to the Sky, he said there were lots rolling in there too, he said it reminded him of the old days. So, Saturday morning I'm going to try and hit the green... for steelhead of course but who's going to complain if I hook into a Salmon or two?

UPDATE... I feel stupid... Green appears to be closed until September 15th on the lower parts, October 1st higher than Auburn.... Puyallup anyone? (or is that closed to?)

Scott Keith
[email protected]
Hello Keith...

I just returned last night from fishing with a buddy on the North Fork of the Skokomish on the Oly Peninsula..... a great time camping on the Skok. at Staircase Campground...
Hey, re: steelhead, rivers and streams in the Tac/Oly area.... I head the Dechutes in Olympia is hot for Rainbows and when a returned from the Hoodsport area yesterday afternoon a bunch of guys were doing well on the main Skokomish as it came off of 103..... you could see schools of Kings from the bridge most fishermen were plunkers.... but I'd loke to try it!... I just bought a new 9 weight. Also, last week I went to the Greenwater River up past Greenwater in E Pierce County and got a few smaller Rainbows.... the Puyallup River I hear is running with Steelhead near Orting and I saw a bunch of cars parked there four days ago...
My work schedule allows a lot of time off and I am 44 divorced with no kids...... SO, if ANYONE wants to go flyfishing.... CALL ME!!.... Pager.. (253) 428-9452.....leave voice or numerical message.... Yahoo!! profile at "firemedic98323".... Dean