Green Rock Worm

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    Hook: 1x long wet fly 8 -- 12
    body: green rubberleg material of some kind or green vinyl tubing or .... green something
    bead: plain brass
    hackle: gray squirrel, squeezed up against a bead to make it flair
    head: peacock herl

    What's his name's Version:

    I think the Green Rock Worm (how ever it's tied) has to be the Rodney Dangerfield fly.
    No other fly this good ever got so little attention, for going on forever.
    One of a million anecdotal examples would have to be, for instance, Bob Jacklin's recent 10lb
    brown, caught in the current coming into Quake Lake, with video cameras rolling;
    Caught on a Green Rock Worm.

    Bob Jacklin's Version

    Franz Pott's Version:

    Henry Wombacher's Version (the Beaverhead Special):

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