Grey Eagle

Hi All,

Here's an old pattern that remains beautiful to this day. It's called The Grey Eagle because it was tied with Eagle marabou. Of course, today that is not possible. This fly is tied with Peafowl black tip marabou. Yes, it's natural. Very few of these feathers on a bird.

I also tie it in dyed colors.

Happy Trails!
Thanks Steve,

Maybe we can get some more tyers to start showing some of their flies here. Tying in a vacum ain't good! :rofl:

Happy Trails!
Excellent fly Ronn! I still havent screwed up my courage enough to take a run at the eagle series. Just the thought of all that fuzz!! Yikes!
Beautiful fly! I saw one of your Orange eagles awhile back at the Forestry center show: dazzling!
Dave :beer2: