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Headed to Grimes on Monday and Tue. Any suggestions as to bugs, hot spots, depths and anything else that might make a successful trip out of it!
ps: I'll re-post with pics if I have any good news!


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I've not been there for about 10 years, but it was good chronomid fishing as I recall. Standard patterns used for all the basin lakes will do the trick...just need to get the depth right. I also will use a white wing prince nymph or large white sno-cone to get their attention. If there is wind (hardly ever the case) use it to your advantage; cast down wind and let it work the bugs...I've found that to be magic. Good luck.


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Grimes results
WELL!!! The day was beautiful....only one other fisherman in a little pram when we got there.....we got out on the water and caught NOTHING!!! I should say I caught nothing my brother in law...hooked 10 and landed 8, all between 19 and 23 in. We fished the same flies...the same depth...everything!!! What a sport!!!
We fished until, right at 5 pm, a strong wind came up which chased us and 2 canoes off the water (between the 4 in the canoes, they only caught 1 fish) and left 3 gear fisherman in small boats using pop's gear on the water. I'm already trying to work out a way to get back over there b-i-l said those were the hardest fighting fish he has ever caught......I told him thanks for that info....I wouldn't know!!
We also fished Perch Lake (by Dry Falls)...beautiful little lake.....lots of fingerlings....I, again only caught 1, 12 in., while my b-i-l caught 10 between 9 & 13 and tons of fingerlings...marked some big fish (probably some of those trips left over from the stocking) but never hooked up with one. Ended up at the petting zoo (aka Rocky Ford)...I caught 2 and he caught 3....good way to end the trip!!