Guanaja, Honduras


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IMG_1262_1.JPG IMG_1273_1.JPG IMG_1278_1.JPG Just got back from a DIY trip to Guanaja, Honduras. I have been making a trip every winter for a little over ten years looking for warm places to fish without hiring a guide or staying at expensive lodges (DIY). Mostly, I've been fishing for bonefish. To date, I've tried Florida, Hawaii, Mexico, Belize, Nicaragua, and Honduras.

There are bonfish in both Florida and Hawaii but both locals are better suited for fishing for other species. You definitly need a boat in Florida and need to know the area. Bonefish are mostly in deeper water in Hawaii except near Honolulu airport.

Nicaragua has bonefish in the Corn Islands. Little Corn used to be one of my favorite spots but has recently been "discovered" and is over fished both by locals(for baitfish)and sportsman. It also has serious wind problems between Dec-Mar as the bonefish reside on the windy side of island. Still, it's an interesting place and may be worth a trip for the more adventurous.

Mexico(near Belize border) and Belize have lots of bonefish and are the most reliable bonefish DIY destinations I have fished. Glovers reef in Belize is my favorite place for bonefishing. The fish are not big but there are plenty and not too shy. I have had 20 fish days.

Guanaja is one of the Bay Islands in Honduras. It's a beautiful place but has definitely been discovered, in part thanks to ex-Pres Jimmy Carter and promotion by a group in Montana. During the week I spent at Grahams Place, there were ten anglers from Montana staying there. There is also a lodge on the next caye that had between 8-10 anglers there every week. The area you fish is not that large and 15-20 anglers is crowded.

The fishing is the most difficult I have ever encountered. The reef is very shallow and covered in rocks, coral, or grass. You get hung up almost every cast. The bonefish are the spookiest by far I have ever seen. They make spring creek trout look like attacking piranhas. Any line landing within ten feet of a fish sends them for the open ocean as if a baracuda is after them. If you do make a great cast, the fish are likely to inspect you fly and then turn away with great disdain. I caught 8 bonefish in 18 days. This is definitely not a place for a beginner or even an intermediate angler.

So why go there? Well, it is beautiful, the fish are big(much bigger than Mexico or Belize), and there are permit. If you have really good gear, can cast a mile with a deft touch, and like a challange then Guanaja is for you. IMG_1224_1.JPG IMG_1234_1.JPG
Hey MDK, nice report- looks like you had a great time.
If you ever head back to Hawai'i, there are lots of places to fish in Hawai'i Kai, just east of Waikiki with lots of public access that has lots of flats that you can walk in to.
You are spot on MDK, it is very challenging there. We are part owner of the lodge Fly Fish Guanaja, across the way from Grahams and we make sure ALL clients come with ALL their flies for bones and permit, floating lines and solid wading shoes, the coral will tear you up in sandals. This is one location where guides can make a pretty big difference, not only for knowledge but access. We average way more fish than that with our clients down there, and there are some big tarpon as well. There are a quite a lot of both bones and permit around and many are quite resident to particular flats...some have more than others and some are less intuitive than your average flat making spotting and locating them tough at times. If you ever head out on an adventure like that again, let us know, we would be happy to help ensure it is a bit more successful for you....Emerald Water Anglers.



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Always wanted to try Glovers and may need to get thinking more seriously on it.
MDK I may contact you via PM for more information. Great report!