Ham's fork river, wyoming

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    My son jake and i droce the 125 miles to kemmerer, wyoming to fish the ham's fork. i couldn't find much info. on the river, but we took our chances anyway. the flows were at 270cfs when we left my place. got up there and the river was nice and clear and easily wadeable, but the wind kicked our asses all day. we didn't find a whole lot of bugs under the submerged rocks but did see a few caddis and a couple of stones in the morning. come afternoon there was a pretty good hatch of mayfly's coming off. we fished a wide variety of flies but the best producers were my variation of a flashback hare's ear, prince nymph and a hot wire prince.between the 2 of us we caught maybe 2 1/2 to 3 dozen fish ranging from 3"-18"'s. we caught way to many dinks. most of the fish were in the 13-14" range, mostly rainbows. jake caught 2 browns and a whitefish and i caught 2 cut-bows. for the most part it was a good day and worth the trip except the wind and my favorite trout rod, 8 1/2' #4 RPL+ got broke. i layed my rod down on the rocks that we were on so that i could tie jake on some new flies and while he was waiting he decided to pick up a rock that was about 10x10" and not paying attention to what in the hell he was doing lobbed it in the air and it landed right on my rod, shattering it.bawling: luckily i brought a back up.
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    Good report Mike and nice pictures! The Ham's Fork is definitely off the beaten path. Thanks for letting us know about a little known place.
    Too bad about the rod.bawling:
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    Nice report Mike. Ahhh...ya gotta love the kids. :beathead:

    Looks like some nice water. Thanks for sharing.


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