Hanford Reach Steelhead

mr trout

Trevor Hutton
I heard that same thing...
From some of the stuff I read, count on 10-30 hours of fishing per fish. That was at the end of Nov, so maybe it's picked up since then... I dunno.


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Come try your hand at the biggest shit show of all time. Trust me I know, I live in kennewick and fish it many times every year. Get ready for a crapshoot because if the water is up you cant read the lays at all and if the water is down then the fish tend to get out deeper because of the barrage of bait casters. My tactic is get there at 3 am or 11pm and fish the darkness with a head lamp and a handfull of ugly dark leaches.
good luck
Thanks for the input guys, sounds like it could be tons of wild fun. You guys have any info on access you are willing to talk about?