Hangover Cure

I learned a couple of things this weekend on the Klickitat and I thought I would share. I swung a lot both Saturday and Sunday.

Friday night I drank very little and got a good night’s rest and woke up feeling refreshed and raring to go. I had a great day (any day on a beautiful river with a Spey Rod is a great day in my opinion), but my casting was sporadic at best. I had some good cast but then they would get sideways and I would really try to concentrate on what I was doing wrong and that made things worse, and then I would get frustrated and try to muscle it to compensate for my lack of skill then they really went to shit.

Saturday night, I drank a bunch of bourbon, woke up feeling like hell, my head was pounding and I thought I was going to puke (literally). It was a guided trip or I probably would have stayed in bed.

It was one of those hangovers that you swear you’ll never drink again. I waded into the river, was climbing over a rock and put my hand on the rock to stabilize myself and what do you know, there was a big pile of some kind of slimy bird shit, and I stuck my left hand right in the center of it…I did gag then.

But once I got past the bird shit and boulders and drug my sorry ass into the river, my casting was good and stayed good all day, I had a few crappy cast but it didn’t start the downward spiral it had the day before. My theory is; I was too foggy to over think it, and too tired to try to muscle it.

Eventually the nausea subsided, but I still felt rough, my stomach was churning and the headache persisted, but so did this newfound consistency in my casting. Even though I felt like hell, I was having my best day of casting ever.

And then sometime around 3:30 pm, when I was feeling like I didn’t have one more cast left in me, I discovered the cure for a hangover. The cure was a 10 pound wild hen that nailed my fly on the swing.

This was my 4th Steelhead and by personal best so far, she fought well and I don’t know if it was the rush of adrenaline or what, but she completely cured my hangover.


I think the important thing to be learned here is not that catching a fish cured your hangover, but rather that you caught a fish precisely because you were hungover.

I always try to get good and drunk the night before a fishing trip. Always ups your odds--as long as you can make it to the water.

Charles Sullivan

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Congrat.'s! Nothing kills a hangover like a steelhead. I had a similar experience a couple of years ago where I got straight up whiskey drunk, complete with a bloody forehead. I landed a fish in the 1st run and hooked 5 for the day including one on a skater. It was the best day of steelheading that I had ever had to that point.
I remember rowing down from that 1st run thinking. "how is it my head does not hurt?"

Go Sox,
Awesome! Congrats man.

We tried the hangover trick a couple days this past week there and couldn't seem to find any river the salmon weren't dominating. Still fun to watch a 25lb fish in 1' of water though!


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nice job! the second photo rocks, its not crisp, but instead smooth, like your bevy of choice.

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