Hawaii Warm Water

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    Photography was a lot easier today... I took one
    of my good cameras.
    You should always have at least a "Point & Shoot"
    with you... but the bells and whistles of a more
    professional camera are fun to have available too.
    I love a zoom lense and fill flash.

    Mike with the first fish of the day.

    Steve finds a school of bluegill.

    Lots of bluegill in the shallow water and on the points.
    Don't have to move around the boat... just "Zoom" in for a close up.

    Mike was in the back of the boat. he cast out,
    counts to 10 to let the weighted fly sink....
    then strip in the line like crazy. The fish liked it.

    This is an example of "flash fill".
    The sun is behind the subject.
    Set your camera to Forced Flash...
    The flash fills in and lightns the deep shaddows
    caused by the sun. And you thought the
    camera flash was only for night time....

    The red devils got more aggressive an the water
    temperature rose.

    Steve had the nack for catching RD....
    seems like every time we turned around he was
    hooked up. Good fight on a light rod.

    When the schools of bluegill were located,
    the action was fast and exciting.
    Mike and Stan with another double.

    Largest catch of the day...
    Steve with a "Tree Pounder".

    Mike was fooling the RD with some
    of his little trout flys.

    The gold flys seemed to work best when the sun
    came out in the afternoon.
    The large pink bead-chain eyes helped it sink
    down quickly to the waiting red devils.

    We caught lots of largemouth bass. Most were
    in the 9 to 10 inch range... This was the smallest.

    This little guy was one of a school that numbered
    well over 50.... and was guarded by two huge peacock bass.
    He nailed that bluegill popper as soon as it touched the water.

    We weren't the only successful fishermen on the lake.

    YES ! Fun on the Fly at Lake Wilson.
    Steve is thinking: "Why is he so excited, he only caught 2 PB all day"?
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Where the water is warm and bikinis are tiny
    Nice report Stan, Lake Wilson is like a giant ass aquarium!