HB-2977 - Are You Kidding Me?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Greg, Feb 23, 2002.

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    HB 2977 is before the WA state legislature. Check it out at http://www.leg.wa.gov/wsladm/billinfo/dspBillSummary.cfm?billnumber=2977

    Here’s a summary of the bill:

    - Finds that the primary purpose of the salmon recovery office was the development of the satewide salmon recovery strategy for submittal to the appropriate federal agencies.

    - Finds that since the development and submittal of this strategy has been accomplished, the remaining tasks of the salmon recovery office can be accomplished through existing state agencies.

    - Declares a belief that by relying upon existing state agencies to accomplish salmon recovery, there will be less duplication of effort within the executive branch and a corresponding savings of resources.

    - Recognizes that the general public holds the governor, as the highest elected official in the state, accountable for decisions that affect fish and wildlife resources. The governor, however, does not have the authority to hire and fire the director of the
    department of fish and wildlife.

    - Declares an intent that the governor should have this authority to choose the director of the department because of the importance that decisions made by the director have upon fish and wldlife resources and upon communities.

    P.S. I took out my inflammatory rhetoric on the edit.
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    I don't see anything wrong with the first part of the bill. I've always felt that the Governor's Salmon Coordinating Office was dreamed up to provide a place at the public trough for Curt Smitch (of evil memory) anyhow. I think that it merely resulted in a dilution of effort (and funds) and should have been handled by the WDFW from the very beginning. Removing the Fish and Game Commission's power to appoint the Director of the WDFW is, however, an attempt to reverse 1995's Referendum 45 whose intent was to de-politicize the Director's office (held at that time by the odious Mr. Smitch). It's a part of the Buck/Sump agenda to eliminate the Commission's role as a the policy-setting body for the WDFW. Take a look at HB 2368 (also a Buck/Sump effort) which would eliminate the Commission entirely and replace it with a legislative fish and wildlife committee composed of (you guessed it) legislators, who would be "advised" by an otherwise powerless 9-member "fish and wildlife advisory coucil".

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