heading to the east side

im heading to the east side this weekend in search of some monster trout. I plan on hitting lenice and rocky ford. Has anyone been to eather one recently, how are they fishing, and what flys are working good. thanks for all the help


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I was at Rocky Ford a week ago Tuesday and to Lenice on Friday. RFC has lots of eager fish, but with the plant in January, most that take are around 14-16". Once in a while you still get into one that is 20+", but the new fish are more eager (less shy).

I always have good luck with long, but small, black/brown leeches or Olive Green Scuds. You should hit 10-20 on a decent day, but you have to cast long and gently. They spook easily. Use long leaders and sinktip line.

Lenice is still cold so the fish aren't in the shallows yet like they will be in a month. However, there are a few really nice ones that work the shoreline in 1-3' of water. They will take the black leeches and scuds if you get it close to the bottom.

I also spent some time at Merry Lake and saw lots of action for Chronomids in the lower part. I took a really nice one on a leech at the outlet into Nunnley and talked to some guys who had had some good action on the ledges at Nunnley. They, too, were using black leeches and said it got better as the sun went down or the cloud cover developed.

As soon as the water temperature raises another 10 degrees, these lakes will be hot, because the fish are there!

Good luck!

I don't know what you were doing that I wasn't. I spent most of today a merry and didn't see a fish. I was also using chronomids and leech patterns. I figured that I would fish it now early in the season while I can because it won't be too long before it is too weedy.
As I was leaving I decided to hit Lenice and see what was going on. I should have went there in the first place, in just over an hour I caught three of the nicest fish I ever saw. One of them was a 20+ inch brown. Wow. I think merry is just too small and shallow to have many fish in it.

Fish on!


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Went to the mouth of Nunnley and got two (lost or broke off several), 2 more at Merry and then got 3 at Lenice. They were picking up a dark brown leech right on the bottom. I was wading the shore and fishing the shallows.

Glad you got some nice ones at Lenice. Mine were about 16", but the fish at Merry and Nunnley were both over 20".



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Boy, was it tough today (Friday)! Took my son and we got a couple at the mouth of Merry as it flows into Nunnally and only one at Lenice. They were working the surface mid-day and I saw some taken with Chronomids.

It was slow, but with a warming trend they could become a lot more active.

Good Luck!:pROFESSOR