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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Peterp, May 25, 2002.

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    Hamilton, Montana, USA.
    Hi Chris and all fly flingers everywhere,
    Reports of my broken casting arem are extremely premature.
    I am all settled in about a block from the Bitterroot river. Close your eyes, point, and follow your finger and you can go fly fishing on a good stream. What a thrill.
    Since I got here Mar 28, I have fished everyday up until last week, when the melt started. Some days I get a few, and somedays it is awesome.
    Best day was a couple of weeks ago, when the water got down and clear. Found a 100 yard flat, very little current, 4 foot at deepest point. Took 11 brownies and one rainbow all over 18" in two days.
    The reason it was eventful to me, as it was a carbon copy of fishing good old Rocky Ford. All my experience there paid off, only these were really tough fish, and if you made a mistake, you spooked them instantly. Fly pattern was BWO #16 with CDC parachute post. if you havent tried CDC, do so, its good stuff. Most of these fish came out of 12" of water or less. The locals all walked by it, and looked at me like I was crazy.
    This river is 80 miles long, and every bit of it is loaded.
    I am waiting for the big Salmon fly hatch to start now, so I can learn a whole new hatch system. Never have experience them before.
    I have updated my profile, so you guys can still get to me.
    This site is still one of the best on the whole internet, so keep up the good work, and thanks again Chris.
    Peterp :TONGUE
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    North Bend, WA

    What a fitting spot for you to end up at and happy to hear it's treating you right. I would imagine that "awesome" will be redifined for you again and again out there.

    I'll drop you a line before I head back out that way on my next trip. Hopefully we can hook up.


  3. Peter Pancho

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    Hello Peter P., this is also a Peter P. here in Tacoma. Were going to be spending our Honeymoon in Montana at the "Firehole Ranch", 30 minutes from Yellowstone Park. Are there any good rivers there with massive amounts of fish? Thanks!

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