Help, Can't Find Tall Oarlock Sockets

So i have a 16' Smokercraft and would like to add some tall oar lock sockets to the boat so i can stand up and row in the slower currents on the bigger moving streams. Ive seen various ones being used in fishing videos but when i search the internet to buy them i can't find a damn thing.... would be great if they were removable when i didn't need them. Any help would be appreciated . Brian

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I have basically the same boat as you. I purchased adjustable 8" stainless steel oar locks from Holiday Sports in Burlington. I used a top rail oar lock socket bolted to the top rail of the boat. I had to drill out the center of the sockets to accommodate the stainless oarlocks. I think the oars I use are 12 foot. I will try and get pics for you later.
Thanks for the input .... I have seen some longer oar lock shafts and that would be my second choice. I saw the product Ray posted a link to but the base is 5 x 6 so not gonna work on the rail i have.... Thanks Kerry for the pics ... Here's a closeup of one that i have been trying to find. Anyone know who makes it? Homemade???

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Mystery solved..... They took an NRS oar mount made for a tube and welded it to the flat plate. I guess nobody makes what i want.... I can get creative... Thanks for the help.

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