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Getting my tax return and was thinking of getting myself a little boat. I always wanted a jon boat with an electric trolling motor for lake fishing, is that the best option for fly fishing out of though? Looking for something stable enough to stand and cast in with room for a second person or sometimes my dog. Would a 12' row boat be stable enough(I know where I could get one with trailer in good shape) or should I be looking for a little pram? Thanks for your expertise on the subject, I'm new to boating.

Guy Gregory

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"I always wanted a jon boat with an electric trolling motor for lake fishing"

Well, then. Yes, it will hold you and your dog, yes it will do what you want, likely better than a 9 ' pram (though they're really nice, too). Get what you always wanted. It won't be your last.
Great thread. It was like you read my mind. I too, have been thinking Jon boat, or pram. id definitely love to be able to launch over on possesion and circle the island inshore as well.....


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I loved my 10' Koffler whitewater pram. If I had the $$$ I'd buy another in the wide back version. Probably THE most widest and stable platform for you and your dog. I'll have to suffice with my Springcreek for now...
Whats the general consensus on a 12' koffler pram? I think this would make a great lake platform, and still perform well on rivers. Plenty of room for your dog and gear.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
I think a 12' Koffler would be awesome as long as you don't mind trailering it. Once you start using a trailer, then a "little more" boat is a highly reasonable option. Just depends on what you really want and your needs.
I have a Koffler 12' WW pram. It is a great little boat! Mine is a pretty old one, so it is a bit heavier, but I can take it on easy moving water and lakes, very versatile. I take my two little girls and they have a ball, and easily seats two adults with plenty of room. Very stable. you easily take your dog with two adults as well. If buying new I would absolutely look at the wide back version.
Bigfun, is that yours or is that a factory photo? Very nice looking.
Great boat.


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I fished with Big Fun and have seen his boat, he isn't a small guy either, so if that boat can support his height and weight, it will easily support up to 2 anglers and a dog. The wideback is the way to go, and its stable enough to do most of all the rivers here in WA.

Richard E

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Budget? Always a consideration when selecting boats - wink.

If you don't mind trailering a boat, and you have an opportunity to get a 12' boat, I'd be all over that. Check it out and see how you like it; if it works, great, if not, you can sell it. There is always a market for row boats . . .
I dont mean to threadjack , my apogies. I am planning on ordering the wide back 12' tomoro. Just out of curiousity, i notice that the have a motor notch as an option. Anyone ran a small outboard on one of these?