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Matt Burke

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Thank you everyone who helped. Most everything is gone except for a few things. When I get caught up on shipping out stuff, I'll see what I have left over and see if anyone wants it. I have lost my cell phone between the last lawyer I saw and several other places yesterday. If you need my number click the shuttle. Most everyone I am in contact with regarding the classified ad is via PM's so it's all good.

Again, thanks everyone. It was a noble effort, but I didn't make the retainer goal, so the lawyer doesn't get fed, but I do and I may make it until I get back to work on the 4th.

Kent Lufkin

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If that's the case and the judge throws out the restraining order, I'd hate to be carring the liability that you're ex and your former employer are going to be carrying. $$$ Good luck to ya!
That's a really interesting thought. It might be worth exploring the possibility with your attorney. If he's got positive feelings about your prospects, it might be worth asking him if he'd take your case on contingency, which means you might not have to sell your rods.

That's a really interesting thought. It might be worth exploring the possibility with your attorney. If he's got positive feelings about your prospects, it might be worth asking him if he'd take your case on contingency, which means you might not have to sell your rods.

Definatly ask your attorney and every other attorney in the phone book. And I do mean EVERY attorney that deals with child custody issues in the phone book. And keep a list of attorneys you talk to. ;)

Matt Burke

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Update: Went to the hearing this AM, Pro Se. She forgot to confirm the hearing. Clerk told us we had to agree to a continuance date. Told her a week from today would be fine, I have to get a lawyer and walked away. So now, four days have passed where I didn't work and wont be getting paid. This Friday is the last support payment she will receive from me and payment to Group health. With the delay, she has guaranteed she will not receive a payment for support and group health wont get their cash either. My son has Crone’s disease. What happens if he needs an ER? Here is another thing for you wannabe lawyers out there. In the temp restraining order, she neglected to tell the commissioner that we worked at the same place in her documentation. Who is liable for the loss of income and child support/medical coverage? The County? My Ex who deceived the commissioner? Or me, the dumb ass that married her? At any rate, it gives me more time to find a lawyer and inventory those reels.
No it wasn't. Trying to be funny and couldn't pull it off. It is a legitimate request for your thoughts.
Just talk to a bunch of attorneys. Most will give you a free consult. A big dollar attorney doesn't always mean positive results. Find the most agressive cutthroat basterd you can find and stick him in the ring with your ex. Good luck man :beer2:
I went through some of what you are going through but not at this level and a long time ago. Lawyers will always talk for free for the first phone call . If you call every lawyer in the yellow pages will gain lots of good advice. I did that even when I had a lawyer. It costs money to talk to your own lawyer so I talked to people in the phonebook for free before wasting my dime on my lawyer.
I went through all of that shit and not only won, but won full custody and child support. That is full year round custody. She now owes me about $38,000. That's right. I'll never get a penny but I have had my son full time since he was one and a half and will continue to until he leaves the nest, hopefully before he's 30.:D. I won all that because from the minute we split up, I took the high road and was emotionless, and relentless. She wilted without emotion to keep her fired up and mentally sharp. It took a year, but what's a year in exchange for putting my son to bed every night for the rest of his life? I have some advice, 1. Find a female lawyer. Way more cutthroat and will ruffle the ex's feathers constantly. 2. Washington has great father's rights laws in effect, which someone needs to brief you on. 3. Show no emotion from now on out. Women operate on emotion. You have already shown way too much on this website. No more negative talk. No more calling her biatch or bitch or any of that other crap. It shows just how far she has gotten into your head and is kicking your ass. Plus, remember you are not only calling your ex a bitch, you are calling your son's mother a bitch. In fact I would delete everything negative you have written on this site. Then be a KNOCKOUT PUNCHER, show no emotion and let her show her ass. It will be a matter of time. They just can't help themselves. As soon as she actually realizes she has no way into your mind or heart, the novelty wears off and she will feel really in over her head. Document everything without bias. Lastly make sure the legal system sees that you want what is best for the kid, in every situation. The judge will view this and realize that you want what's best for the kid and she wants to joust with you. Courts don't give a shit how you two feel about each other, they want what's best for the little guy. If one of you is in that good place and the other wants a pissing contest, they will get slapped immediately. Just a few thoughts from a guy who kicked the shit out of the system. Semper Fi Matt. Duff
SHOW NO EMOTION AT ANY TIME!!!!!! WORK IN A COLD, SYSTEMATIC AND RUTHLESS MANNER, JUST DO IT WITH A SMILE with the little speyrodder's best interests at heart.

Charles Sullivan

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Well said Duff. My brother went through it. He is tragically emotional. He lost big because of it.
Put the kid first, refuse to argue with her, don't let the emotions pull you into negativity and document like a scientist. Seems like a winning strategy.

Also, if she is as negative as the picture painted above, being polite and rational will eat her up like the e-bola virus.

And some more unsolicited advise, consider working at a manual labor temp. job when you can't go in to work. It may help you burn off some energy.

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