help with rocky ford creek

Probably the most effective fly on the Ford year-round is an olive scud, tied on #18 and #16 hooks. This time of year, it's definitely your best bet. I tie mine with a few wraps of lead wire around the hook shank. This helps the fly get down to the trout and bounce along the weedbed with the real scuds.

There are two key tricks to fishing scuds at the Ford. The first is to find a fish that is clearly feeding on scuds. If you see a trout nosing its face in the weeds and waving its tail in the air, you've probably got a winner. The second trick is to give the scud a very subtle jigging action at just the right moment to catch the trout's attention.

Also, don't use indicators. Instead, keep a very close eye on the fish. When you see the white wink of the inside of the trout's mouth, that's when you raise your rod tip.

This technique can take a while to learn, but keep at it. Once you get it dialed, you can have some great days on the Ford hooking up monster 'bow after monster 'bow.

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Another method if the scuds aren't working is to use a single egg pattern and dead drift it through likely areas. I tie one with a lead wrap, red chenille to poke out at the ends, and flourescent orange. It has proven very productive in the cold months. Good luck! :THUMBSUP


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If NONE of that works, try TNT! One stick here, one there, duck behind a rock to avoid being splattered by Ford Slop! Remember it is C-N-R there, so set them free after you find them! :THUMBSUP OR....go with a Kauffmans Stone..Black #2!!!!

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Yet another technique is to cast a scud out and let it sink to the bottom. Once a trout comes along give it a couple of twitches, the fly may kick up a little plume of mud, and with any luck the fish will speed up to inhale your fly. Works great and your cast doesnt need to be as gentle since your fly will just be sitting on the bottom till a fish swims along. :THUMBSUP
Out of curiosity, are these fish that easy to see from the bank? I've never fished Rocky Ford. Where the heck is this place? I've heard lots of good things about it. Wouldn't mind checking it out before winter hits. :COOK
All the above advice is great, but don't forget to keep an eye out for a hatch. The dry fly action can be fun.

Where is this place? Use the map server function on the home page.

Are the fish really that easy to see from the bank? Yup. Be sure to bring you Polaroids.

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All of the above advice is great. I was there yesterday and fished for about an hour and a half. Hooked 3 and just landed 1.

It was windy so I couldn't see any of the fish I was casting to. Anyone who knows me knows exactly what I was fishing with.

Good luck and give us a report. Maybe I'll see you out there.