Henderson Bay for Cutts?

Hi, I am new to this board and I am 13 years old. Our family has a waterfront cabin with beach access on Henderson Bay. Sometimes I have seen some very nice fish jumping out of the water, like 22" or bigger. I'm suspecting they may be salmon on their way to Minter Creek. I also have seen some smaller like 16"-20" fish jumping and I am suspecting they are sea runs heading for the creek too. Does anyone know if Henderson Bay is any good for cutts? Sometimes we go their for a few days (we live in Port Orchard) and I get really bored, and it would be so exciting to be able to fish there! The cabin is on the Minter Creek side about 1-2 miles i'm guessing down the beach from it. Thank you for any info! I'm just getting like hyper and stuff because I found this forum! :D Man, i so hope that there are good cutts in there! Also, what time during the tides are the best, incoming? or outgoing. Thank you! Oh, and I have a 6wt and I tie my own flies, so any fly suggestions would be great!
*Want to go fishing in or near the penninsula? Please email me! I'm always looking for partners! [email protected]*
*Want to go fishing in or near the penninsula? Please email me! I'm always looking for partners! [email protected]*

Henderson Bay has an excellent Cutthroat population. In fact, the state record Cutt came from Carr Inlet less than a half mile just to the South of where your cabin is located.

Folks differ on which tide to fish. My personal preference is the flood, or incoming, tide. I subscribe to the theory that a flood tide stimulates the feeding respoonse. Others claim more success on the ebb. Steve Raymond, in his book "The Estuary Flyfisher" devoted an excellent chapter to an unscientific study he conducted over several years tracking tides & fish trying to determine the best times to fish for Cutts. His findings are truly interesting and useful. The book is in the Library system so you shouldn't have trouble finding it; it will definitely help get you on track.

A simple #6 Clouser tied to imitate a Candlefish (most use an Olive & White combination while others prefer a Pink & White, my preference is Peacock & White Angel Hair), a #8 pinkish shrimp pattern and a #8 dry that can be skated on the surface (something like a Stimulator or a Humpy) are all very productive during various times.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: For those who may be reading this and who have previously fished at the Purdy Bridge area, last week I spoke to the folks who put up the towing signs - they weren't aware they cut off a fly fishing opportunity. Their intent was directed at the 18-wheelers who parked there. They told me they'll make some parking available at the new Espresso shop (where the residential rental property was) for flyfishers wanting to climb down the bank and fish the shore. Would be nice if you fish there to stop in and buy a coffee from them in return.


not a problem he told me to get out the guy in the truck thats balheaded back in august when the kings were running thru there. thanks should you ask the lady at the expreeso stand or just park there and buy a expresso holding your fly rod. Ben
Thanks a bunch Greg, I had no idea that the cabin we go to so often (and get so bored watching TV on the rabbit ears)could be productive for fly fishing! This is great!
*Want to go fishing in or near the penninsula? Please email me! I'm always looking for partners! [email protected]*