High Laker's Club Meeting, public invited for a special night

Discussion in 'Events' started by Mike Monsos, May 27, 2010.

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    Hi-Laker's Club Meeting, public invited for a special night

    I am pleased to cordially invite you to the June 16th Hi-Laker Meeting where the featured speaker will be none other than nwhikers.net own Tom Davenport. Through an amazing 10 year stretch of trip reports, Tom has shared his exploits on nwhikers.net largely through his beautiful photography. If you, like me, have always wanted to see Tom's incredible images on the big screen, don't miss this event!

    Our meeting begins at 6:30PM at the Community Center at Mercer View on Mercer Island. http://www.mercergov.org/page.asp?navid=2014
    Tom's presentation is scheduled to start at 7:30PM and last until 9. Please feel free to arrive starting at 6:30 to enjoy the many high lakes fishing posters that the HI-Lakers have assembled over the years that will be on display. Refreshments will be provided.



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