Hit Walupt and Chambers Sunday and Monday

Shawn West

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Arrived at Walupt Lake late Sunday morning to see fish feeding at and near the surface. We fished from 10:30 until about 4:30. The first fish I hooked jumped three times before a LDR. I caught a few fish on a rust Simiseal leech. I switched to an Arizona Peacock Lady and landed a handful of fish. The largest was a 14" cut. My partner caught a couple cuts on a small elk hair caddis. He had a lot of LDR's using a PT Nymph. All of the fish were sticks. I am guessing that the short season has impacted these fish in a negative manner. The first fish was the only fish I hooked that had any fight in it. There was a good mayfly hatch going on most of the time we were there. They were a tan/gray color. The water temp was forty-eight degrees. We had a fairly strong rain storm hit us while on the lake. As soon as it was over, there was huge hatch. I hope these fish take advantage of these hatches. This lake has always provided strong healthy fish in the past. I was a little disapointed with the quality of fish.

We stayed in Packwood for the night with plans to hit Walupt again in the morning. We arrived at Walupt Lake and was greeted with strong winds. We decided to give Chambers Lake a try. The wind was not as bad at Chambers. I started out using an Arizona Peacock Lady on my 2wt rod. I had an 8" brookie to my toon within the first five casts. I had caught a bunch of brookies and one healthy 11.5" bow when I decided to try something different. I switched to my 5wt rod with a type 6 sinking line. I tied on that same rust colored leech I had used the day before. On my first six casts, I had landed five brookies. I fished the rest of the day with that set-up. I stopped counting fish after twenty. All of the brookies were in the 8" size range. They were really colored up. I ended up with three bows; 2 were 11.5" and one was 13". They fought well and looked very healthy. I did manage to catch one 12" brown. My partner managed to land about ten fish. All were caught on an Arizona Peacock Lady. He said he tried other flies and had gotten hits, but he could not seem to set the hook. We never did see much bug activity while we were on the lake. The many rain showers that rolled through did not seem to bother the fish. We caught fish all day.

Chambers Lake turned a fair trip into a good trip. If nothing else, the scenery at both lakes is fantastic. I hope the fish at Walupt Lake can fatten up before it ices over. If not, there may be a large winter kill. I look forward to returning back to that aera next October.

The wife and I hit Chambers a couple of weeks ago with similar results. She landed a really nice 18" Rainbow on a streamer, where my biggest fish was 13" Brown. Nice little lake, I think we'll hit more often next summer.