Hobie Mirage Kayak info needed

I am looking at buying a kayak to flyfish for salmon and also for rockfish. I have no experience with yaks. Does anyone have a Hobie Mirage or other type of yak they could share thier pros/cons?
I don't have one, but a friend of mine does and really likes it. He goes a lot faster with the Mirage than I do in my OK Drifter, and likes the fact that his hands are free. He's used it in the saltwater for at least 4 years, and by rinsing with fresh water after every use, has no rust on the pedal mechanism. Based on my observation, you'd definitely want to use a stripping basket to keep the line from tangling in the pedal mechanism.

The NW Kayak Anglers web site and forum may be a good source of info for you. http://www.northwestkayakanglers.com/index.php



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I had the 16ft sailing version with self furling sail, outriggers, etc. They are fast and efficient. You do have to be careful not to run aground with the flippers. The flippers and stainless rods inside are user servicable, but expensive to replace. I just found the outrigger model to be so big and heavy that I didn't use it as much. If i had bought one of the subsequently released dedicated fishing versions I would still own it.

Chris Bellows

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Think about where you will be fishing. I spend time fishing deep in the kelp and any drive would be a no go. You can paddle a Hobie "kayak" but then you have the drive taking up space in the kayak and I've never heard a Hobie owner talk about how well they paddle.

With standard sit on top you never have to worry about hanging up a drive in shallow water or having your fly line tangled under the boat.

Ed Call

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I am just learning kayak fishing. I love my Wilderness Systems Ride 135. No pedaling experience, but paddling has proven fun and healthy for me.
Hello hopefully I can help. I have the pro angler 14 for over a year now and absolutely pleased with it. I will second most of the info that is already posted it moves quite well with the mirage drive. I can stand up to cast and do get a stripping basket, the loose fly line will get into the mirage drive pedals just like a cleat on a boat. Also you have your hands free to fish, change flies, eat, etc. I have a water skeeter pontoon with a trolling motor that stays home now. I fish fresh and salt waters. Also you can flutter the pedals closer to the hull so they are not in the full down position to go into kelp or weeds. Hope that helps.
Cheers, BB

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the other thing most people do not look at when kayak shopping is weight. be honest about your ability or need to launch the boat by yourself and whether the launches you plan to use require long carries or are going to be simple boat launches. my ocean kayak trident 13 is at the upper limit of what i want to drag around considering the rough launches i use and the fact that i am more often fishing solo.

good luck in your search

Thanks for the info! I found a Hobie dealer on Lake Union where i can demo. Thanks for pointing out the stripping basket and fin conflict in the kelp.

When in a regular yak on the water, where do you place the stripped line? stripping basket? in the yak? on the water?

Another question: what minimum length of yak would you suggest for being out, ie within 100 yards of shore, in the Sound? What about out in the San Juan Islands? Length for further out from shore?

i find that the basket is the go to. I have a pro angler so I am able to stand and simply wear the basket on my waist. If i am sitting I just put the basket infront and stip the line into it. Hobies have retractable fins so you can go into kelp. Good luck hope this helps

Bradley Miller

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Chris can you put that 13 in salt water safely?
I'm thinking of tide changes........
Isn't paddle management kind of an issue if you're trying to cast???
Just askin'.....sounds like fun, and a good way to get off the beach. A little.

Chris Bellows

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no problem with saltwater. can paddle against most currents i've faced (sometimes slowly). most kayaks now have some kind of paddle holder to keep it out of the way when fishing.

i find that fly fishing from a kayak, while different, has many similarities to when i fished from a larger boat. in both cases i would position the boat prior to fishing. since i don't troll i never used the engines to keep the boat in position.

Bradley Miller

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Ok thanks....makes sense.
Keeping my eye on craigslist. I'd like to find something that is easy to handle by myself both in the water and from my car to the water. Can't wait to be able to navigate off-beach. See you on the water!