Hohdown, March 19

Lets use this thread for a roll call.
Post when you are planing on showing up and what your bringing. :beer1:
1. Jeff Bandy
2. Orangeradish
3. Evan Burck
4. Rob Ast
5. Mumbles
6. Blake Harmon
7. Dustin Bise
8. Stilly Stalker
9. Jerry
10. GT.
11. Matthew Guibranson
12. Matt Smith
13. Islander
14. Ralphie
15. Panhandle
16. Topwater
17. Alex MacDonald
18. John Hicks
19. Paul Huston
20. Sean Beauchamp
21. SummitFlyGuy
22. Surfnsully
23. Chris Scoones
24. Salmo _G
25. veilside180sx
26. J.Michelle Swope
27. fodf
28. Paul Norton
29. William B
30. Matt Burke
31. Jason Rolfe
32. XstreamAngler
33. hikepat
34. SteveO2
35. Backyard
36. Nick Cameron
37. theonethatgotaway
38. Landon
39. James Mello
40. DonChilds
41. flybill (show up you wimp)
bringing kegs of home brew, my bad self, and my loveable personality.

also bringing lots of gear. possibly enough in case someone needs to borrow an appropriate steelhead setup. and my 2 man cataraft, spots already spoken for.

Rob Ast

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Will be there, most likely Friday-Sunday (slim chance of Thursday evening arrival). Bringing food money, beer money, a tent, several rods, and whatever else is needed. (except a boat, for which I will hitch a ride willingly)

Ed Call

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I'm probably coming late in the week (maybe Wed or Thurs) and staying through the weekend if all goes well. Probably bringing my 14' cataraft with room for rower and two anglers. Hoping that I'm not the only rower in the boat. Will contribute to the collective food and drink. Hope to bring some firewood. I'm not very fun around a campfire. I don't drink much. I don't smoke many cigars. I put very little pressure on fish of any type, least of all large brutish native fish. I hope that Jeff has room for me in the Super C and that he is all healed up. If Jeff can't tow his boat over but brings the Super C then he'll have one of the seats in my boat for sure. I travel with a black cloud, don't take it personal, rather you should adapt and overcome.
If you should to bring it. Its coming with me, except a boat.
Ill bring the single man and hope to rope a seat with someone else!

Look forward to meeting those who I haven't already!

if jerry doesnt show up :) ( :( ? ) I am happy to announce I make really killer instant mashed potatoes or mac and cheese with hotdogs on the whisperlite. :)