Hohdown roll call

Jerry Daschofsky

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Well I hope 78 cups of coffee is enough...:rofl:
The 1st 27 cup is for me. Rest of you bastards better hope the rest is enough. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I'll be doing two pots a morning. I do have the caraffes, so if it looks like I'm running low, will fill those up and toss on another perc. Hope you all aren't expecting starbucks. I'm not making sissy coffee. I'm making folgers which will be hot and strong. Non of that Metrosexual crap. :thumb:

Bob Jones

Still truckless now farther away
Boy you guys better be satisfied and better have a great time, no camplaining and bitching, I so don't want to hear it. I'm being stuck here at home while you get out togeather and I have no recourse that would enable me to go. I am sure hoping that I'm back in good enough shape by next year and that this year doesn't screw up my chances of going next year. or else I'm going to need one of you to be my baby sitter next year so I can go then. This is really a piss poor way to have to read to all of your complaliniinig and bitchiing and whinning when I only want to be able to go and meet some of you and try a little fishiing, have a beer or two and get back in one piece. I'm hoping for the best of weather and water and fishing for all of you. So don't meess it up for the future participants, bring back good stories and pictures and examples of flyfishing for all of us to get psyced uo about. Thanks
Ok, I can get to seattle. Step one is solved. Mumbles and Matt, I sent you both a PM to see about how I can get to the river from seattle metro. If anyone else has a seat feel free to chime in.

Also, I will are there still any open seats in boats? I have rowed one time and am happy to work on my rowing (thanks panhandle for the first lesson) and will be happy to work the oars my share on whatever boat I can ride in. Thanks to everyone's generous offers and help in getting me to the event, I look forward to meeting you all and experiencing the Hoh. Maybe I will get lucky and be able to catch my first steelhead and make jmills proud.

I am gonna be taking either amtrak or greyhound to seattle, so anyone who has plans to travel from seattle and can let me ride in a seat, the back of the truck, or strapped to the roof please let me know.

edit: it looks like the amtrack is cheaper, and it arrives in seattle at 10:45 AM and I could catch it tues, weds, or thursday.

Ed Call

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Dustin, as I've been coordinating with Rob Ast, Bitterroot and Mark Walker we seem likely to meet in Kingston. Bainbridge is a possibility but will require a bit more coordination as it is about 30 minutes from our current planned meeting spot. Sorry, having not heard from you I moved on to planning with the other three guys. I sent you my phone number, give me a call tonight or tomorrow.

If Amtrak is cheaper that is cool, but the arrival time is a bit later than we planned on heading out and also still requires you get from amtrak to the ferry then across.
I'm there Tues. but have to leave late Thursday. Three days to eat and drink....and maybe even fish! Jerry, I'll bring some cash for you. Looking forward to the grub and seeing some folks again.

Ed Call

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Where is flybill? Is he already out there catching all the fish? The cast of characters continues to grow to impressive numbers and names!


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Amtrak and Greyhound both go to Everett. If you could get to Everett Station by about 8 AM on Wednesday morning I could pick you up and get you all the way there.

i've determined that the keg of homebrew that i have to bring is the worst beer i've ever brewed. i highly recommend at least slight intoxication before trying it. this is what i get for brewing a beer not on my own system