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"Chasing Riseforms"
Without looking at a map.... how do I get to Monroe from the Seattle ferry? ... or... I may drive around thru Tacoma possibly.
Thanks pals!
I have half of mine done but just got my truck totaled so I'm trying to get a new rig at the moment. Should have the rest finished next week.
So sorry guys but I'm going to have to back out. I had emergency surgery yesterday for a detached retina and I'm stuck in a chair face down for at least two weeks while I heal up. I am a real sight right now (no pun intended) with my chin in a cup and my computer below me, typing this. I can barely see the key board with one eye as the depth perception is non-existent. I have eight flies tied and may be able to get the others done if I can figure out a way to get my vise in front of me but driving is out until I get some vision back in my right eye so I'll hve to mail them. Kelvin, can you please send me an address where I can send the flies?
Richard, actually my doctor said it was okay as long as my head is in the down position. There is a gas bubble inside my eye holding the retina in place. When that disapates I'll be somewhat good to go but it takes a couple of weeks to leave. The glare doesn't bother me because I'm looking through the gas bubble. Everything is just a blur in the eye. Saw him yesterday morning and everything is going well so far. I have a special two way mirror below my chin that allows me to watch TV etc. I don't recommend this to anyone. Take really good care of your eyes. I did and it still happened.

Ed Call

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Officially out of contention for this one. I'll be working for the girls' musical theater production. There are five shows that weekend, two are on the 4th.

Ed Call

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Colton...really? That could be the understatement of the thread. I'm sure when Kelvin reads that I dropped out due to productions at www.kcmt.org that he'll toss me his address. Besides, me not coming makes voting me out totally unnecessary so FlyBill will be happy!