Swap Holiday stress removing steelhead swap

James Mello

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Davy said:
the 1st 5 .........

Top left is Banzai's Skagit Special, top right is REE's Steelhead Bugger,below that is Pseudo Critter by Spokane Fisherman, below that is my Lady Practitioner, and finally on the lower left is Warren Perry's Farrar Marabou

Nice dang tyes guys :thumb: :beer2:

Just to let you guys know that I'm still around... I'll be tying my flies over the holidays and I hope to get them shipped out by the 1st or 2nd. If this is going to crimp anyones style, let me know and I can try to bump up the schedule a bit :)

Also, those flies look pretty darn smoooove ;)

-- Cheers
-- James
I'm done with 11 of mines... Be finished by the end of holidays... You guys are just lucky to be able to fish... And we have all frozen will late April lol...
I'll post my recipy a bit later, it is one of the noname so far.. but catches steelhead...

mike doughty

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wayne, pm sent. also an update on mine, the ingrediants that i ran out of half way through the flies is supposed to be in the mail today so as soon as i get the feathers it should only take a day or two to finish them and get them sent.


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sorry bout that !, just got off the river and back in the tying room-- I see Mike pm'd you so I won't - can't wait to see the flies.


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Wayne got his flies in, rrrrreal purdy ones too!!!

I have an issue thats come up, I am having some surgery on the 12th and will not be moving too well on the 15th-16th I am sure. I live in the Everett area and if I could get a volunteer to help me sort all the flies and get them mailed out it would be much appreciated. Anyone near here?

thanks , now go fish ( oh, and get your flys tyed too )



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Jest about done here, couple more to do and I dang ran out of stuff. But I'll hit the store tomorrow and have em' all done up this weekend, and mailed out early next week. After I go fishing of course since most rivers have fallen back in shape.