Hook & Hackle IM6 fly rods-anybody use them?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by IveofIone, Oct 25, 2002.

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    Hook & Hackle is having a 40% off sale on their dark green IM6 rod building kits and I am wondering if anyone has had past experience with these particular blanks. H & H claims they are similar in action to GL3s and St.Croix Legend Ultra rods. The kit includes everything to build the rod including a nickel silver reel seat. Any comments on these blanks,pro or con? Any idea who builds the blanks? Please give me some feedback if you have any information. Thanks, Ive
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    In a word, no, I haven't built one up from them. But I sure would like to consider it, as it seems like a pretty good deal.

    Apparently there are only 3 manufacturers of green blanks, Rainshadow, St. Croix, and one other unknown to me. My guess consequently is that they are Rainshadow blanks.

    The key to action is that they are IM6 blanks, at 43M modulus. I have a Rainshadow 9' 4wt made from a green blank that is a medium-fast action rod that I like.

    My issue is that H&H is selling these rods for about 15% higher than Greg's Custom Rods in Lake Stevens. And if you go up there, you can even try the blank out before you buy it.

    I'm off to Greg's tomorrow to get some hardware for a blank I want to build up, a 9' 7 wt that I got off eBay for $11. And I think it is a Rainshadow, too.

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    I have built up many H&H IM6 rods. 1 3piece 3wt, 2 3piece 4wt's, 4 4piece 5wt's, and 1 2piece 8wt. They are excellent blanks and I have had no complaints from my customers (friends with low budgets) and I do fish them as well. They have a good action (med-fast) and shoot line very well. The kits are supplied with good quality PacBay reel seats (birds eye maple), Half wells grips with the exception of the 8wt which used a full wells with a removeable fighting butt, winding check, hook keeper, guide sets, a very nice rod tube & sock, thread, brushes, and if you dont need the epoxy deduct another $20 off the price. They also provide good customer service. I agree its not like testing it first hand before you purchase (always support your local business & shops first), but for those of us who live in rural communities H&H offers an exceptional resource at a good value.

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    IveofIone Loops, I would love to wave one of those rods before I buy it but since Greg's is about a 600 mile round trip from here, I'll just have to rely on whatever input I get or go with my gut feel. Let me know if you get any more information when you visit Greg's. Thanks,Ive