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This was from a pack of Allens

I've had a number of other issues with their hooks and won't be buying from them again; just my experience.

Hi Scott,

Like Evan said, we have completely updated our hook manufacturing process over the course of the last 8 months. I can tell from the photo that the hook was from the old stock. I'd be more than happy to replace your hooks and discuss any additional issues you've had. Same goes for anyone else here with a similar experience. We guarantee all of our products, so when we find out about things like this, we try to set things right any way we can.

I can always be reached at [email protected]
I love the Barbless Allen Hooks. Bought a bunch in the winter and I am very pleased. Extra sharp, thin, and strong. I did buy their old stock and they were bulky and fat last year, but I agree with them that they have updated their manufacturing process. Nice hooks.


I know someone who was in the hook biz and yes indeed, there are a handful of large companies that produce hooks under numerous names.... they are built to the specs of those companies.

Daiichi makes hooks that are sold under many different names and the ones you're looking at could be in fact, Daiichi hooks made to order under another name. I know of one fly tying materials company that sells hooks under a different name than Daiichi but they are made by Daiichi.

The problem is, you don't know for sure what hook manufacturing company made the "generic" hooks so maybe they're Daiichi, maybe something else. Plus, they may be a little different in some respect that could be for the good or the bad.

If it was me, I'd buy some of the hooks and give them a try. Some large hook company somewhere is making them so I wouldn't be afraid to take a chance. If they work fine for you, save yourself some money and buy the hooks and not the logo. (that's exactly what I do when I buy my hooks that are not a name brand but made by a name brand company)


The hooks you describe are Mustad 3257B barbless. I do not believe they are still in production. I haven't seen any for sale in decades. They were more expensive than a typical hook and it's much easier to simply squash down the barb on a conventional hook than pay more for specific design so I don't think the product was well received.

When I was getting started fly tying a experienced tier told me to buy top quality Japanese hooks. He wasn’t too specific about the brand but his advise stuck. When you think about it, it’s not an item where you want to be frugal.
I’ve pretty much settled on Daiichi as a good cross between cost and quality, but the Japanese made TMC are great along with Gamakatsu’s and Maruto. Since I buy hooks in bulk I’m uncomfortable buying from a no name company. Maybe they are good, maybe not and there is no guarantee the next batch will be consistent.
I varied from the path for a while and tried the big name Korean made hooks. I had a couple disappointing failures and learned my lesson.
What I’m looking for in hooks is value and I wouldn’t take the chance on a no name company. I would consider Japanese hooks imported by a reputable company (The Fly Company comes to mind). I’ve never used them and have no affiliation but a brick and mortar business will hear from disappointed customers if they import junk.
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(The Fly Company comes to mind). I’ve never used them and have no affiliation but a brick and mortar business will hear from disappointed customers if they import junk.]

I've only used The Fly Shop's hooks, and I give them a 9/10 rating; they're great to tie with, don't break, and I catch fish on them, and they have many many different styles of hooks, including black finished Classic Atlantic Salmon Fly hooks. The prices are also very good. Tie with them and see what you think:)

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I have been around the block and back on this one. I started tying on Tiemco hooks because of the quality and selection. I then drifted into some other brands that performed most of the time with some issues now and then. I am now back to Tiemco because of quality, selection and what Troutcreek says, "it's not an item where you want to be frugal". If I am going to spend my time tying a fly and want it to perform catching fish, I wan to have confidence in that hook at the end of my line.

Dr Bob :)