hooksize for steelhead


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I'm going to be tying up some flies for steelhead and I'm wondering what would be the best sizes to start with, lets say you could only use 2 sizes for winter fishing what would they be?


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I've found, in the LONG run, the best sizes for me are a down eye diiachi in a 4 longshank, and a heavy wire scud type in about a 6. i do alot of egg pattern stuff in the winter, and the bigger diiachi is great for marabou patterns, as well as leeches. i dont like using either the up-eyed hooks or bigger irons, found both catch rates and fish mortaily are negativly affected. :confused:

just a humble mans opinion, what works for some does not work for all.

of course.. nothing wrong with a #2 octupus hook as a stinger on a 5" string leech ptyd

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The two hooks would be Mustad 36890 in #2 & #4, you can 100 cnt. for $12 and thy are stronger and can sharpen easier then any high carbon. The wire size .039" which is just hair bigger then daiichi or gamu (.037). This is a page I have been working on for a bit and it could or could not change some ones mind about Daiichi or Gamakatsu.


As for fish mortality, don't go over a 1/0 and if using a up eye make sure that you tie a knot that is meant for a UE hook, not a clinch or worlds fair rather a double Turle or this knot.


This will keep point down and direct pressure to spear of the hook parallel to the shank and line.
I never use larger than a 4. If I want a longer fly, I articulate it. I have not found that "larger profile" flies have been as productive for me. Maybe I suck though who knows.

I have also heard bad things about mortality about hooks much larger than that about mortality, so I suppose that effects my considerations.


Left handed Gemini.
hey thanks for the responses and the numbers 2 and 4 sound pretty good to me very castable with my rod and I'm fairly sure I have materials to match.