how has the west side season been?

Average to slightly above average for hatchery fish on local rivers. Unfortunately, average isn't very good. Interesting to run into other guys on the water and hear their results. Over the last couple of months I ran into guys who seemed to know the rivers well and have a good handle on steelheading. Their experiences ranged from really shitty seasons to really good ones.
My winter was somewhere in the middle. I found fish here and there but had plenty of skunk days too.
So many people are full of shit these days it's pointless to even ask.
LOL! Maybe you are just gaining experience and learning how hard it is and what a good angler actually looks like because there have always been anglers totally full of it.

I know I can tell if someone is full of shit just from the tiniest detail. Sounds messed up I know but it is true. There are a lot of things experienced anglers do. Subtle things. And first and foremost flapping their lips and bragging about fish is usually not one of them

Thomas Williams

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Not only has fishing been slow but the amount of people on the water has greatly increased. Everywhere I've gone this year minus the Skagit/Sauk has been a zoo

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