How long have you been fishing the South Fork

of the Snoqualimie. I made my first trip up there saturday, after recovering from some serious surgrey. I realizied that I first fished the river in 1986, and I have a few opinions about fishing the South Fork. First, I think the biggest fish are in the lower part of the river. I caught the 3rd biggest fish I have seen in the river. I do not waste my time with any water unless there are log jams and deep holes. That is where I catch the most fish. Finally, I catch more fish on dry flys, but catch the biggest on nymphs. I realize these are not earth shattering observations, but I have seen alot of flyfishermen fish in water that looks good, but quite often does not hold fish. I wonder what other things people have learned about the South Fork. I do know this: it is easily my favorite river in Washington State, and that includes the Yakima. Some times, there are things that are more important to me then the size and quanity of fish in a river.

Chris Scoones

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Fished it every 2 or 3 years from the mid '70's until '95 when my wife and I bought a house on it. Now it's 20-40 times a year. I'll occasionally go above exit 34 but not too often. For convenience sake, I'll usually enter the SF just off my deck (South of the living room) :WINK

Dries, nymphs, it's all good. I'll usually stay on top as much as I can. Dries have brought a few excellent fish to hand, as have nymphs & large streamers through the deeper holes. A good caddis hatch will bring 10-30 fish to hand nights. Fun stuff.

I enjoy the thin water. It can be challenging but overall it's treated me best.

This year I've observed more and more bows on the river. Anyone else noticed this? My guess is that the private hatchery off Edgewick Rd (just South of the bridge) had a few get loose. Nothing like their boo boo a few years back when thousands of Atlantic salmon fry swam free, but noticeable. One of problems with the stream is that the last stocking was back in '82 and since then the kill fishery has nipped off the larger fish. Still, a plus sized fish can be released on rare occasions.

When the MF is in shape you'll find me there instead. Just as active with larger fish.


Scott Salzer

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Been fishin the SF since about 1965. This is the river that I learned to cast spinners. I have fished it occasionally ever since. Best fishing I ever had was on a seasonal beaver pond for very nice cutthroat. It was there one year, gone the next. Last year, I picked up a nice 8" brookie right under the bridge at Tinkham.

Like Chris, I tend to hit the MF when the water drops to allow for some easier wading. Was up the MF yesterday. Lower section still a little off color. Water does clear up after the Pratt. Hit the Taylor for a little bit. Nothing very big, biggest 8", with a lot of smaller fish. Those little cuts are great. The river, and campsites, were very busy.

I have been fishing the South Fork for a shorter period of time (2 years :) ). But just recently moved to Riverbend in North Bend and now as the earlier person I am about 50 yards to the river. I have only caught smaller fish around 8 inches and recently fished up near Twin Falls and found some really good holes that I believe hold some larger fish. I also enjoy fishing some of the more difficult area's on the North Fork which can be accessed through the Weyerhauser road. Also when you folks say the lower South Fork where are you speaking of? Best of luck!!

I've been fishing it occasionally for about 11 years. The bigger fish ARE in the lower river (below Twin Falls) because they can winter downstream in the mainstream. A few years ago I landed a measured 19" cutt right in North Bend in the deepest hole (probably 6 or 7 feet deep) around a relatively obscure bend (spooked a doe and fawn also). I have landed two other 16" fish (one right under a bridge and one above the river bend development but below the trail to Twin Falls. These were on dries but I have also landed nicer fish on beadheads and a size 10 Royal Coachman Bucktail. Some of the best water is pretty difficult to get to now unless you walk in the water because of private property. The river above Twin Falls has smaller fish (a big one is a measured 10") because the fish have no deep holes to winter in and must hide in the substraits in the low cold flows
I have lived just up the road from Riverbend for about 8 years. I just got into fly fishing recenlty and would like to know what are the best flys to use, and how the SF is just after the treasle that connects Riverbend and Cedar Village
Hey Rick!! I have fished the South Fork quite a bit this year and I have been most successful with Royal Wulfs (sp) and Adams size 12-16. I have fished up by the twin falls park and outside my house which is about 300 yards up from the bridge right past Cascade Golf Course. Let me know how you do I also have heard that people catch larger fish on nymphs but I have had no luck yet!!