How many Salmon/Steelheaders are there out there?

Jerry Daschofsky

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I was just curious, how many of you are there? I notice alot of guys are more trout fishermen. But I am exclusively salmon/steelhead fishing. I used to fly fish/conventional fish trout, but once I became old enough to drive, the world opened up and I was able to hit any river/stream I wanted that held the big boys.

Just curious who are the exclusive followers of Ike and his cousins the salmon.

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I spend about 90% of my time fishing Steelhead and Salmon in the Sound and rivers. The other 10% I spend catching tress, shrubs and rocks :BIGSMILE

I really like the big fish, but the regs are confusing and I'm still new enough at it that I go through stretches without catching anything. It's sure worth it when it comes together.
I have not put much time in steelheading, only have caught maybe 5 ever, 3 from this year. busy fishing other things when not busy with girlfriend and work, thats why I think I fish the saltwater so much because its peaceful, quiet and always there. but trout I took my 3 year old out and get skunked 4 times fishin for trout.and finally had to resort to other fish. he can drop shot flounder with the best of them thou :WINK . kind of just jerks the rod and gives it great action, one day he'll be a salmon fisherman. why am I talkin about my kid? all in all saltwater salmon take over all my fishing when there around, when there not I just fly fish for them and hope they are around, but the cutties keep ya happy. after all catchin is just a bonus for me, being on the water with the sweet smell of the salt water and watchin all the life in the water is what I like.

any body been digging clams on these low tides? took my girlfriend out to a gouey duck spot and dug up a huge snail like creature that was a big as a cantelope.
I fly fish for steelhead and salmon about 10 to 15 percent of the time only because I am relativly new to fly fishing and am just getting serious about it. I would really like to get into fly fishing for steelhead and more salmon on the fly. I am just about to by my first real nice fly rod a 8 1/2 foot 7wt. sage with a scientific angler reel with a fly line already on it. The sage rod and scientific angler reel are about as new as a used rod can get and I am getting the whole set up for $150.00 dollars from a friend. I have only caught one steelie on fly so far a 23" inch hatchery buck out in a stream on the O.P. at 11:00 pm at night with a original glow in the dark fly I tie. I have only caught coho and chum salmon on fly so far and am looking forward to battling a chinook on fly. My biggest coho on fly was about 10 pounds and my biggest chum was about 16 pounds. I have caught a lot of kings on regular bait fishing gear out in the sound but not on a fly rod yet.

Anyone know where to send a begging steelhead chaser with his new 7wt sage when his dad has a week off durring the middle of july?

As for the low tides lately my dad, cousin and I went out on sunday and each caught are ling cod near point defiance and went on the -1.0 tide right after limmiting on the lings and got are limit on butter clams, dang those were good.

I would have rather been fly fishing but it was still a nice day on the water. :THUMBSUP



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I might be old---but I'm good.

I guess that I like to fish for trout. I like to fish rivers and if there are Steelhead out there I'll be glad to hook one or two. I think that trout fishing is a challenge. You go up to some place that you've never been and you catch fish. Now,thats fun. I've hooked a few in the local rivers and had a good tussle. But I've yet to land any of good size yet. Biggest right now is a 21" clipped fin buck. Caught on my 4wt out of a small creek.


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Rockfish - I beleive what you guys dug up was a moon snail. I've actually tried one before when I was a kid, and it wasn't bad.

I'm about 50/50 trout and salmon\steelies. Just depends on what's running, who I'm with, how much time I have, and what mood i'm in.

Now that I live in N Bend, I'm 10 minutes from my favorite trout (river\stream) fishing holes, 10 minutes to a few of my favorite lakes, and I regularly hit the Snoqualmie around Fall City on my way to work in the morning. Nothing like a chrome steelie on the business end of you line first thing in the morning - works better than coffee for getting you through the day :BIGSMILE

When the silvers\chum are in, I make some time to hit the sky and the green.


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I fish a lot for steelhead on Puget Sound streams and have fished the Deschutes in Oregon a few times, but I have almost nothing to show for it. Haven't been doing this all that long, but I kind of feel I know enough to fish for the buggers after all the reading I've done, a class I took on flyfishing for steelhead and a decent amount of time on the water. However, it sure doesn't show up in the catch statistics. I may just be fishing in the wrong places or at the wrong times. I have caught fair numbers of trout while fishing for steelhead, but since that isn't all that much fun on an 8wt, I've sort of decided I need to decrease the time I'm on the water with that rod and increase the time I'm on the river with my 5 wt (and trout flies). I have never fished for salmon but am going to give it a whack in Alaska this summer. Am tempted to try for chums around here next fall. Given my choice, I'd rather fish for steelhead, but let's face it, if you want to pick up a fish every once in a while you have to fish for trout.
I primarily flyfish for salmon and steelhead in fresh water. But with the North Sound rivers closed last year and only the Skagit/Sauk open this year, I spent more time flyfishing for trout. But with the summer run steelhead starting to show I will be spending most of my time this summer and fall in pursuit of steelhead and salmon. Steve


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I fish for steelhead with a two handed rod. That's what I do. But, I will not limit my fun. So, I fish for trout with a one hander. I fish for searun with a single hander also. I fish for crappy with a one wieght. I am going to try some salt water fishing with the bug rod. Gotta be some fun there too. I am working on a trip for bones. Peacock bass look like fun. What is that thing they got in Africa. Big toothy looking thing. Might have to go catch one of those. I love to fly fish. I don't care what hooks on the other end.
I live here in N.Tacoma so Steelhead is sorta limited within an hour or two drive. I don't own a boat so getting to the good spots on foot to rivers is nearly impossible. I normall fish 95% of the time in my float tube at most lakes within an 1 1/2 hr drive, unless I make a day trip out to eastern fly lakes once or twice a year. My new obsession though is trying to catch a Steelhead on a fly let alone on a spinning rod even worse. Steelhead to me is soooo hard to catch. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.
Any river suggestions within a 2 hr drive from Tacoma? Don't even say the Green River near Kent, I got my car broke into there. There are a lotta trash people and homeless people that live around there.

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Hey skiecries, I live in NE Tacoma. You have TONS of rivers within 2 hours of you to fish. I won't go into specifics, but you have the Puyallup system, the Chehalis system, Green of course lol, Skagit/Sauk/Stilly, Columbia/tribs. The list goes on and on. I have a jet sled and a cataraft, but I do alot of bank fishing also. At most of these rivers there are quite a few places for a bank fishermen to walk into and fish. Some you have to work at to get, but still have access. I only fish salmon/steelhead. Will be hitting the Zoo this weekend (aka Cowlitz) on a group river run. It's barely 1 1/2 hours from Tacoma. So, grab a Washington Gazateer and start hitting rivers.

You haven't lived until you've run a cataraft. Friends don't let friends run Outcasts.

Jerry Daschofsky

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What commercials are you talking about? Or would you happen to be talking about my signature?

You haven't lived until you've run a cataraft. Friends don't let friends run Outcasts.
I catch them sometimes (14 one year) but usually it is incidental to fishing for anything that will take a fly which is probably why I have caught quite a few on beadhead nymphs or small woolly buggers.
I target salmon 70% of the time, primarily from July through October. I focus on trout the other 30% of the time and 100% of the time from November through June.

Hard to beat catching fresh ocean run silvers or chums (and pinks in odd years)in the salt, especially when there are plenty of areas where you can have the place to yourself.