How much interest is there for our yearly "One Fly Only" benefit

Jeremy Floyd

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Dickson "One Fly Only" benefit

I know there was a good amount of folks interested a while ago so I am running up the flag to check out how many would be interested? We don't want to exclude folks so this is a test balloon simply because we have always held it in house and offered it to only our clients.

It takes place on the top 5 of our 20 private lakes which produce big fish (over 10 lbs). The non triploid 2 year olds are 17-20 inches.

There is a benefit for a childrens disease this year which makes it a great opportunity to benefit a worthy cause while enjoying each other and eating well. All of three of us guides donate our time along with any sponsorship we bring in.

We open up everything and you can take a look at what we have and ask questions during the course of the day.

Those who take place this year will get direct input for choosing who gets the following year's benefit's donations.

Hope to see you there!

Richard E

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I would generally give a hearty yes! I am travelling some for work, so that would be the primary issue that would affect my participation . . . Other than that, I am a 'yeah, man'! :thumb:
I would definitely be interested. I think some other members in my fly club would also be up for the event. I know in the past you have supported our auction, we would love to give some support back to you.

Jeremy Floyd

fly fishing my way through life
We haven't decided yet for this year since it is the first time ever we are opening it up to the public. Last year everyone agreed a $100 donation to the beneficiary was the minimum or $200 per team.

We are looking at having it on the 11th of April. There is a limiting factor of 10 teams because of time restrictions. We want everyone to have the same opportunity to fish the water that everyone else fishes so with a 5 lake circuit with 45 minutes of fishing and 15 minutes travel time to the next lake that fills up a day rather quickly.

Jeremy Floyd

fly fishing my way through life
This is how it is working out in our heads this year. Since every single person who took place in it last year is returning we are holding our "in house" client benefit the week before for the rights to challenge YOU. Then the following week our winning team will be challenging all teams in friendly competition. What I would like to see is fly clubs, private teams, shop teams, and WFF members getting in on it to see just how much we can benefit some sick kids while thoroughly enjoying ourselves. Our clients are not familiar with the lakes either. This will be their second or third time on the lake for the vast majority of them so it will be fairly even ground.

There will be a BBQ lunch. I am currently planning spicy pork ribs, garlic and herb ribs, and burgers. The food is supplied by us and costs you nothing. You will be hard pressed to eat better.

The rules pretty much break down to you get your pick of a single barbless fly that you bring to use until it is lost, or you finish the day. Off the top of my head I want to say 3x is the limit for line size but it is right there in the ballpark. You can re-tie the fly and replace your tipped at often as you like. We would ask that teams not exceed three people so i can budget food accordingly.

Jeremy Floyd

fly fishing my way through life
I changed the date. I accidentally glanced at a 2007 calendar that I hadn't taken down. I apologize because it is 100% my fault.

The 11th of April which is a Friday.

Jeremy Floyd

fly fishing my way through life
We have a couple of stragglers that are looking for people to join with to compete. If you are interested you can send post here, private message, and use the feature here on WFF that allows you to email me directly.