NFR How the Seattle Seahawks Solved Peyton Manning

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
I'll bet 49er fans wish kap held onto the ball a little longer sometimes instead of throwing it up for grabs.
Hahaha! I spent some time on's forum as a troll after the NFC Championship game and the way the 49ers fans were going after Kaepernick was downright ugly.

Al Davis was right, "Just win, baby!" And may God save you from your fans if you don't.

Charles, i will agree that sometimes russell holds onto the ball to long, but he is taught to extend plays with his legs and let his reicevers do scramble drill.
Pete carroll has said in several interviews that the seahawks want to be the best scrambling team in the nfl. pete and bevell's offense is a run first and take long shots off play action based offense.
I've watched coaches film from several games from and usually bevell calls plays with every wr running long developing routes with no outlet routes called even on 3rd and short sometimes causing wilson to hold the ball to long because no one is open or the offensive line can't pass protect long enough to get the routes run.
Hey Charles, you know I have a lot of respect for the New England organization I just couldn't help myself man. I'm still a bit stoked from that niners game( best two teams in da league).
The reason we won the superbowl is because we have a far more talented roster by far....

I have to respectfully disagree. I think most Super Bowl winning teams have one common theme woven throughout, and that is one thing:

They play as a team. From top to bottom, each player turely believes that his position is no more or less important than the others. No Terrell Owens, Dion Sanders, RG#3's, Des Bryant's,etc.

Remember what team started (mostly) this concept as of late? Hint: They were the first to introduce themselves onto the field before the start of the Super Bowl as a team, rather than individual lineups. Do you know who started this? I remember it so vividly, because it took everyone by surprise.

And no, I am NOT a fan of that team, but a HUGE fan of their philosophy - and greatly respect them for it. Kind of like Elway. I never liked him or the Broncos, but any quarterback than runs down the field and lowers his shoulders for a first down... that man has my respect.
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You guys get awful defensive about your QB. Watch the games. His line isn't nearly as awful as you say. Russell holds on to the ball a long ass time. They give him simple plays to run. He rarely makes plays in the pocket. There is a fine line between protecting the balls and being overcautious. Clearly he's been on the right side of the line, but he is't too far over it. Don't make him out to be Joe Montana.

The Baldwin pass was a duck. Plain and simple. It was a planned roll out, not a scramble, he had time to set his feet and threw a lob. It worked because Baldwin was wide open.

I hope Carool / Schneider continue to draft as well as they have for your sake. It would be amazing though as they have drafted at level never seen before.

Go Sox,

Charles, I was never 'defensive' about my assessment of Wilson, but my overall grade of his performance and talents is held by the vast majority of football analysts....your opinion of him is yours and seemingly yours alone: he's smart i.e. uses his 'brain' and extends plays. There are times this season that I wish he had ripped the ball into coverage, but those are lower percentage plays, that as a second year QB knows it isn't in the teams best interest and as Woody Hays stated, when you through the ball 3 things can happen and TWO of them are bad [ just ask peyton and kaperpunk ]!! The Baldwin pass was far from a 'duck', it was a designed play with Wilson dropping back,Baldwin and Tate crossing 5 yards deep, a play we have run a lot[ usually with Tate getting open], but Bailey turned the wrong way and a perfect lob....for 30 yards and a completion and the drive extended.....all that was needed and a very smart decision. If you can't see that, then keep your day job and give up trying to be an analyst. I'm done with that play. No one said our O=line was 'awful', that's you changing context...again?! We have the heir apparent to Walter at LT and a really good center in Unger, but the rest aren't there yet and are the weakest part of out team, which still ain't bad when you think how good our team is. The only person that brought up Joe Montana is YOU, and no one on this thread insinuated that Wilson is ready to hold that torch, although he is way better than Joe was at the end of his second season [on the bench] or even the end of the second season he played....not exactly sure on that last one, but it sure sounded good!
Can't believe this thread is still going.

That said, the reason Wilson holds on to the ball too long is his receivers have problems getting separation. A lot of commentators were criticized for calling the Seahawks receivers as "pedestrian" or average. Well, truth be told they are. Baldwin has a knack of making clutch catches, but the wide receivers and tight ends have problems getting separation from the DB's covering them. Why do you think they traded for Harvin?. A lot of those great catches by Baldwin and Tate this year were because Wilson extended the play, ie, held on to the ball too long. He did not force the ball and risk turn overs.

I think the jury is still out as to whether Wilson will become an elite QB, but he's off to a great start with his game management capability and low turn over rate.


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Become?...He is! He will be great for many years to come. There is nothing, and nothing to prove otherwise. They talk about his low stat numbers...but project out, like they do with other elite QB's. He is elite. Stay healthy and seattle has their qb next ten-12 years. He is not a game manager, but a playmaker game manager, big difference in that definition.
Gees I don't want to sound like a big shot but I thought this would happen. Denver would have been destroyed by the 49ers. I think the Saints would have beat em. We were fortunate because we played the best teams in the league. They did not !! Peyton Manning good but I would not even put him in my top 5. Can't wait for next year and hope we can keep some of these guy's GO HAWKS !!!


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As a husband and a dad of young children in my early 40's, I have really been looking with a keen eye on people who lead well because that is what I want to do for my family. I find this Seahawks team pretty interesting in that regard. There's lots of great leaders on this team that lead in different ways. I think we can all agree that Russell Wilson's leadership and demeanor have had a huge impact - performance on the field aside.