Humpies in the Sound

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    Here is another report that I lifted from our website. This was current as of this morning.
    South Puget Sound - July 30th, 2005
    RECORDED: 72 ° FISHING: Excellent
    Puget Sound Fly Company is proud to offer current fishing reports for the exciting saltwater opportunities available in the South Puget Sound. These reports come from staff fishing trips, customers and friends. Please call us at (253) 839-4119 if you are new to the area or estuary fishing in general.

    FISHING: Dash point this morning:
    The Humpies are here!
    I had a make-up beach fishing class this morning. Dash Point seemed like a good bet after hearing that there were ‘signs’ of Humpies several days ago. The fishing did not disappoint. We each hooked several fish and landed approximately half of the fish. The majority of fish were Humpies but I also landed a decent (20”) resident Silver.

    FLIES: Pink Clouser Minnow, ‘Bozo’ Shock and Awe, and Pink Candies

    TECHNIQUES: Take a 5 weight or better rod, as the wind can tear up lighter gear. Clear lines and an erratic retrieve will catch more fish, or if you prefer a floater and a beach slider can be very fun.

    Feel free to call or P.M. me if you have any questions: (253) 839-4119

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