Swap Humpty Dumpty Swap

Waiting 'til I get a few more things packaged that I need before I send them out, they are swapped, just waiting. They will be out soon enough. Hopefully end of next week.
You shouldn't have to do that. For those of you that didn't refresh yourself on how swaps work you should send them in an envelope or box/bag/whatever which the swap flies will be returned in, and as long as we are on the subject, I trust none of you forgot to send money for return shipping either?
Here's the pics. I'm too retarded to figure out how to put em' into their own swap page so it would be cool if someone else would sort that out.






Tracy L.:

Blake Harmon:

DJ Jazzy Homebrew:




Some of my stuff got put away already (pesky wife) so this is the closest pic I have to mine, everyone received one of the flies from the middle 3 trays: