I appoligize to Alaska West.

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    Sometimes I get flustered and blurt things out.

    I have never been to that river before but have thought about it doing a trip on my own. Being in a bunch of different fly shops Ive asked questions and have heard people talk about your outfit. they brag about all the fish they take home and what not. Ive heard some bad stuff as well as good but chose only to write the bad. Maybe not a good idea at Alaska Wests expenxse.

    I got caught up in the emotion of hearing about all the posts about this river and connecting it with what ive heard from people that have been up there as well as someone that told me he guided for Alaska West who said some things that made me feel that he was not happy about how they treated the river. I met this guy on the river one day and dont even know who he is.

    What it comes down to is that I ,(without having all the information), I accused a group of things they may or may not have done based on things ive heard. Which is wrong.

    I get emotional when it comes to wild fish and sometimes blurt things out spur of the moment without thinking things through.

    If I was wrong than I take everything back and I am very sory.

    I respect that Alaska West responded And I see that I was wrong in saying what I did not even knowing anything about that river system.

    It just seems said to me that there is no real wilderness left, no place left that is undiscovered.

    Im sory Alaska West. And now that I have made total arse of my self I am signing off for good.

    Im kicking myself off this board for making personal attacks. This board is about fly fishing not bashing and I broke the rule.

    Sorry to everyone.
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    Im gone
    Sory to all
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    For the record, I haven't wet a line with either of you, wouldn't mind doing so with either. The grapevine mentioned they caught wind of it and I offered them the same medium to respond. I would have smoked that thread had I caught it earlier but by the time I reviewed it the responses started coming in and I thought I'd let it ride. I try and stay on it, but, being away fishing takes precedence so I'm not always able to.

    You spoke, they responded. It's all good as far as I'm concerned.

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    Ok, Ok, I'll bite.

    I did respond to the original story as well but only because most of it was true, some of it was bull. It's not the service, but sometimes the guides.

    In regards to my HUMMER, you can drive it. Imaginary road is a good title because for almost 120 miles it was wilderness with no road which is the way I like it. GPS and a tent.

    Regardless, there are many fishing operations that I have worked for over the years that are real bad. When I was younger, 20-25 I harvested many large salmon from not only that river but many others such as the alagnak and Kenai. My clients took more meat home than they needed and I let them because I wanted a big tip. I could care less about eco systems.

    Ten years ago, while on the russian river in October, an old man asked me if I have ever flyfished and I told him no. We were the only two on the river and it was mid afternoon. I started in with the ussual responses and excuses you give fly fisherman. By the end of the day I was using his ultra light learning how to cast.

    I caught a dolly 17+ on a dry fly floating it over the rocks and the expereince changed me forever, and I dropped my rod and reel and went to Gary Kings (when they were still #1, and not out of biz) and baught my first set up. I guess what I am trying to say is that fishing, like everything else is an evolutionary process.

    As a kid, raised in a native village, my fishing method was a large treble hook with a piece of lead and a stick.

    Most of the outfits I have worked for follow C&R when possible but understand that the attorney from Texas paid 4K to go there and get his 80 lb King.

    I am in no position to be a critic to others because my past is horrible when it comes to fishing.

    Im sorry Alaska West


    Phillip Fischer
    Ex CEO Wild Rainbow Outfitters, Naknek, AK.
    CEO :AA
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    It's funny, I typed up a big post regarding A.W. and commercialism and such. At the last minute, I chose not to post anything.