I can't hardly wait...


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Gotta go to work tonight, but the truck is packed except for food and guns, that'll load tomorrow morning. All I think about is walking the old trails, breathing in the scent of the woods, listening to squirrels bitch, and waiting for that burst of wing beats...maybe I should call in sick and leave now...:D

I'm hoping this year is better than 2011, I couldn't buy a grouse last year. Early scouting a month ago showed birds all around the usual haunts. Now, if they'll just stay there...

Weather reports show temps in the high 80's, not exactly what I was hoping for. I don't think the local lakes will be cool enough to fish but all my shit is packed anyways...we'll see.

Well, I better go double check the list (even at that I'm bound to forget something...) and have some lunch before work.

Ive, I'll see you in a couple of days, Yes?


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The woods are dry as a box of cornflakes. Hunted hard on the opener and although we didn't get any birds we saw signs of them in the coverts with water near by. Straight shootin' Roper.