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I visited a mountain lake today in hopes of catching some 16'' rainbows. I was there in the spring of 2010 and caught a bunch of 11'' rainbows and nothing bigger. After about 15 fish I gave up and didn't go back until Oct 2012. To my surprise the lake was just alive with 16'' rainbows and I probably netted between 15 and 20. I held out some hope that possibly someone would come up and fish with me this spring and I could surprise them with some quality fishing at a zipper lips lake. But with Jesse moving to Arizona and everyone else too busy to fish with an old man I had to go out alone today and give it my best shot. The lake itself is a real sumbitch to get in and out of and the road in begs for 4wd. You could make it in 2wd perhaps but not without punishing your rig.

I was on the water pretty early but the first hour was just a total loss. I had expected fish on SimiSeal leeches but no takers. The water is really clear and 12 feet of water looks like you could stand up in it. With no action on leeches in the clear water I added 4 more feet of 5x flouro and tied on a size 12 Halfback. I immediately hooked a fish and it was big but I never got it to the boat. Two more LDR's before I netted the first fish and it was over 18'', broad shouldered and very deep. It was then I realized my camera was home on the desk and I was really pissed. Fishing was still slow with a hookup every 20-30 minutes but it was worth the wait. All the fish were big and I didn't land a fish under 18'' all day. And that's a bona fide measured 18'' too, not some guesstimate made with a jive MeasureNet.

I stayed 4 1/2 hours and hooked 15 fish and landed 8. Two more released while netting and another made a spectacular jump and threw the fly back in my face. Three on a Halfback, two on a Pheasent Tail Sixpack and the rest on a rubber legged GRHE-a copy of a fly that Roper caught a huge rainbow on at Quail Lake several years ago.

It was a great day but I wish I could have shared it with someone. Particularly someone bright enough to remember their camera! Here is a pic of the actual flies.

Next week it is Tiger Trout, crappies and cutthroats in that order.



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Ive, you came and fished my lake, I need to come over to your neck of the woods and fish with you. How about some time in June, I'll make the trip over to Ione and let you show me how to catch those fish! I will send you a PM as we get closer to that time.

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When I lived in Colville I always meant to fish that lake but never made it.

Glad to hear that it is still fishing well. I might just have to go back there and finish my lake list.