I guess I am pathetic

Went down to the laundry room today to remove some things from the dryer for my wife.
When I cleaned the lint trap, I came across some neat looking fuzz. What great dubbing I sez
to myself. Now I will lurk around when my wife does the laundry. Maybe I can find a killer bug in
that lint.


I know a number of fly tyers who use laundry lint for fly patterns.... unfortunately it is difficult to match the colors from day to day. You may never get the color combination you want ever again.


The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
Hmmm....I was just tellin' the wife last night that a set of her pantyhose looked about due for replacing.

Dark brown nylon might make good tying material!! :D


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Maybe you should check your belly button? Could be some good stuff in there.
I don't know if I got a belly button anymore...there's so much hair around it I haven't seen it in ages.....

Hey, wait a minute....I could use my belly hair to tie Wulf patterns. And my nose hair would make great mayfly tails. Hell, I'm a walkin fly shop.

Gotta be careful though...if word gets out I could end up living in a coop at Tom Whiting's, getting shorn twice a year, and my lovely locks hanging in ladie's hair.