NFR I know this is nonsense....


Indi "Ira" Jones
Oh crap, apparently I'm supposed to move to D.C. It didn't even give me a state! Vote for me in the next election.


Topwater and tying.
Colorado for me, but I'll pass. Washington has all I need. That and a 6 hour driving circle can put me on a LOT of good fisheries and into a LOT of good brewpubs!

Old Man

Just an Old Man
Shit, I'm supposed to live in New Mexico. I believe that the fishing sucks there. Maybe I'll take the test again.

Edit: I did it again. I now should live in Nebraska.
My POS work computer's browser is too old and I can't take the test.... :( I'll guess WA or MT....or maybe UT. Fishing, skiing, mountain biking, beautiful surroundings. Check, check, check, check.