NFR I like the limerick idea...

zen leecher aka bill w

born to work, forced to fish
I once saw a man at Dry Falls
Perfecting his fish catching calls
First a whoop than a roar
of "i've caught 30 or more
but this water is freezing my balls!"

Up and until the "water is freezing my balls" I thought this was about Ira as he's a bit boisterous when he's into trout. He doesn't comment on water temps though.

David Loy

Senior Moment
Tex had longed to visit Seattle
Dreamt of Salmon and epic battle
But guided past pens
Cried "This makes no sense
It feels like I'm fishing for cattle."


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Great thread!

Here's one for those of you who, like me, can't help but chuckle when you pass by some of the places on the West End and read the signs:

I went to a place called LaPush
In search of some good-lookin' tush
When none worthy did show
I headed straight to a Hoh
To Humptulips and Duckabush

Not sure what it means, but I'm pretty sure it's naughty.... I wanted to work in Tillicum, but I couldn't find enough rhymes in the spirit of the theme.
The above post was inspired by other threads and in no way represents an opinion one way or the other on the issue. Opinions require several related thoughts strung together which is beyond my ability or desire. This is not a hijack attempt. For some reason I find using contentious issues as themes entertaining.


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There once was a gent who chased trout
As he got older, of course, he got stout
He became an ardent crusader
For a new type of wader
For those not moving up, but moving out!

This is in no way a reflection of the author..

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
He found his new rod so appealing
He just had to try out the feeling
He assembled it quick
Gave the rod a deft flick
'Til the tip met the fan on the ceiling.

This in every way is a reflection of me . . . damn it!

wadin' boot

Donny, you're out of your element...
There once was a giwl from Twisp
Who was cuwsed with a howwible wisp
Met a Wo-man named Bwian
Fell in wove without twying
Now mawwied & fishing fow steel on the Kispiox
The river could not have looked better
He shook putting his rod together
Quickly closed up his rig
When it snapped like a twig
Now a Sag, for it broke at the last letter

Jim reminded me of a moment of my own.