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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by vpons, Dec 14, 2002.

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    I went to Everett with the wrong directions
    I tried to find Mike's bar on Beverly Ln and not Beverly Boulevard. i just checked the address on the forum. I can't believe.
    Driving with this heavy rain wasn't that fun but worth it if I could have found the bar. :REALLYMAD

    I hope I was the only one doing this mistake. I'm sorry I missed the party.

    Vincent, really pissed

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    May 5, 2002
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    Port Ludlow, WA, USA.
    Me too, VPONS. I said to my wife today, " Well, come hell or high water (it was more like high water- given all the rain today- than hell), I'm going to the Christmas party! I'll get a cheap motel and a cab both ways so there will be no problem. It will be a ton of fun and I'll get to meet all these guys that I've always wondered about here in cyber space. Put some faces on these words!!
    Then I notice that the day of the party is today. Also that it is probably over. Shultz. O well, maybe next year I'll get it together. This all came up sort of sudden like. I mean I've only had five or six months to make plans and I hate being so rushed.
    I do hope that those who found it had a good time because we are an often frustrated lot and so we are due for a good time every now and again. Is there any interest in a PRE-OPENING DAY INLAND TROUT PARTY?
    Give me a firm place. a firm time, a firm set of directions, a firm number of flies to bring, a pot of what (no old freezer burned fish or deer meat etc.), and a responsible chairperson to communicate with for special needs. I promise on my sacred Chopaka Lake vows that I will be there or everyone in actual attendance will get a free copy of my upcoming book. :THUMBSUP
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    What do I know---I'm just an old man

    Well I tried this once but hit the wrong button so I will try again. We missed your smiling face and since you weren't there to tell your wonderful stories we had to make some up and they weren't pretty. I met some other people but like I said in the other post I'll probably forget who they were by the morning. It's hell to get old as the first thing that goes is your memory and I forgot what the rest is. And to all that didn't come there was more food for Macrowdy to eat.

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    FYI everyone at the party was asking "where is Boblawless? I want to meet that guy." Even my wife was asking where that author with the golden keyboard and wonderful imagination was. We all missed you, we were going to send out a search party, but then we saw that it was raining. We all decided to have another beer and wait for it to stop. Problem is it never did.

    I am looking forward to the next get together. Hopefully we can get you to that one. Perhaps we can all chip in and get a limo to pick you up and take you home. Maybe we should include oldman, too, since he is complaining that he is loosing his memory. We need to take care of and protect those thing that are important to us. ie; native fish; flyfishing only waters; Quality fishing waters; historical features, buildings, institution and people. I think both of you would fall in the last catagory.