I Will Never Fish The Cedar again!

on sunday a group of guys and a few girls showed great pride in cleaning up the cedar with good intentions, sadly , ive been back and fished "section 4" 3 times since then and i have encountered wild parties each day up until night time. the first night i was disgusted by the behavior of the party goers, but said nothing, yesterday in the evening the party goers decided to make me there new rock throwing target, THEN i spoke up, things chilled out. they had a bbq, endless beers and who knows what and when i walked out at 10 pm the whole group was graduallly falling out of the woods with guess what ?! NOTHING BUT THE Q', they left everthing else behind:( tonight i met up Curtis for the first time and lets just say today was the worst! first hole we come to a guy is playing a huge fish on gear, we stand and watch, he gets broke off thank god by the log jam! after that he acts like hes eating his lunch. i cross over the log to get down river and pass him up saying " nice fish, whatya' get'm on?" he says a red and orange rooster tail, ya right, when i was walking up to him he hastely covered up his plastic bag. after we get down from him his buddy sits on the log next to him, pulls off a white cap'......hmmmm, wonder what that covered? he does his thing for a second and then wipes his hand off on his jeans right before he stands up to cast, our conversation goes something like this- i say to him "IS THAT BAIT!", one guy ( out of the ) says " i just got here !", the other says NO!THE NEXT GUY SAYS 'thats not mine"...haaahhaa SURE. we tell them its illegal and that the authorities could be called, they didnt care. 4 guys with worms working a hole like that allday can desimate a pig sized trout population in that one hole like no tommorow:( oh well, we called 911 , who knows what happened, THE NEXT LOGJAM IS WHERE ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. first i wanna apoligize to Curtis for putting him an awkward situation, and for not using my better judgement. a group of maybe 6-8 people were just leaving while these 2 knuckle heads decide to break EVERY SINGLE PEICE OF GLASS AROUND THEM . breaking them on the logs and into the water, at one point after listening to glass break for what seemed a couple minutes i had to say something.... next thing you know this guy and me are exchanging words across the river, he grabs a bottle , breaks it on a stump and starts heading my way via the log across the water, by the time he gets to where we are im thinking oh shit cause this is farther then i wanted to go with this. but what do you do, luckily he dropped it before we hooked up . we stood toe to toe when he clocked my jaw and then we srapped on the bank then ended up in the river no more then 5 feet from the log under water, bobbing , dunking, choking,etc..... it was bad.. idont think ive ever heard of something like this before, crazy. he was bleeding, i was bleeding, water completely soaked inside my waders, cell phone dead, smokes soaked,....... bark bark bark! yell yell yell, it was plain and simple stupid, all the while still telling him about a better river thats free of debris like that junk he was throwing in there. he was drinking ! what do you know- belligerant (sp)drunk *******! maybe if he was in a different state things might have been peaceful with some understanding, who knows? after that im hanging my gloves up on the cedar, i dont want memories of fishing like that , i dont care how big the fish are, and all the garbage we hauled out of there, in 3 days its all back again, ontop of the rest of the summer parting to come.
im in the hunt for solidarity again! here some pics of some damage on the arm-



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dude, you need to not report these things, ive been enjoying reading cedar river reports and having the yakima to myself. Seriously though, its too bad the situation had to turn out like that, but good job standing up for whats right, i hate to see how he looks.
Wow. That is hard to believe. I commend you for standing up to those scum bag lowlifes. There is NO excuse for their actions. Sorry it turned violent, though. I hope you got him worse than he got you... I have no plans to fish the Cedar again, either.


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I'll join the revenge posse. But if the cops are informed, they have better equipment. More WA trash, the scourge of our time. The ghetto poacher meth head rusted car in the front yard give me my free gov't money I don't want to work folks seem to have a home here in WA. Evergreen State of dependence. Sooner or later somebody's gonna get sick of these clowns. Why not sooner?
LMAO Jergens, i look forward to more yak time from here on out, that was my ussual trout run, but the cedar, Friggin gas prices! so close to home. oh well. 2 ducks in a bucket

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I am so sick of ***** like that drunk puke! I live 3 minutes from the Cedar and that is one of the reasons I never fish it. Glad to hear your'e alright Jeffrey.


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I heard reports of a couple of residents coming down to thank us for our help in the clean up. After some period of time and sensible stewartship, the locals will realize they don't need to tolerate the very people you met up with and begin policing thier own neborhood. 5% of the pepole make it bad for the other 95%. Don't give in to terrorism in any form. But you don't have to put yourself in harms way. Take pictures and call the authorities.
No apoligies needed. We still caught some fish!! Small ones but at least we caught some fish. The other guy was worse off, dont worry! Before he came over the log he grabbed a beer bottle and broke it in half, I didn't see it until he threw it down when he got over, then his little biotch friend tried to get tough, but he wasn't so nothing happened. It sucks to see something that was worked on so hard and now its back to crap.. It is abviously frequented a lot so there should be some sort of enforcement there.
Good Lord, it's no wonder people pack Glocks while fishing. That would have been just a case of self defense from an enraged drunk. Sorry to hear about it bro. We gotta hook up on the Sky when ever them damn fish come in.


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Bhudda......I am sorry to hear that happened and I give you a ton of respect for doing what you did.

If you ever feel like peddling your bike this way, due to gas prices, I'll drive ya around to some sweet places :thumb:


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:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: man oh man bro......I don't know what to say except I wish I was there with you guys when that happened....one other body might have made them think twice....maybe not ........this guy sounds like he might have been "mixing his meds" a bit, which is really scary because he might have had a gun or knife on him.

Tyler and I joked about the troll we found living behind the theater during the cleanup....but that guy was out of his mind too....and we purposely left one camping/living/home spot "alone" because I didn't want some psycho with the impression that a flyfishermen "stole" his abode (stinky sleeping bag and assorted crap") come after one of us with a bottle or knife either. But those partiers are the worst of all....no respect for anyone.

I'm sure he looks like he tangled with a grizzly this morning......take care Buddha..............this is the kind of **** that makes me sick and question things.......... :mad:
Damn that sucks. Sounds like the same people that left the grenade(said artillery grenade on it) Curtis and I found in the river on the cleanup next to the package of Eagle Claw leaders.

What can be done to let the autorities(sp?) know that this is a problem that need to be addressed? I am sure that if enough people complain the cops will patrol it more often.

I know of one house on the river that will probably be more then willing to contact police if they see any illegal activities on the river.