Icicle Creek Last Week

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    My lovely wife and I went to Leavenworth to see the Leavenworth Summer Theatre production of Sound Of Music at the outdoor Ski Hill Amphitheatre, and did the whole Bavarian tourist thing. We were there for 3 days and stayed in the Hotel Pension Anna. Great place.
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    I managed to sneak in a two hours of fishing in after our continental breakfast. The canyon was beautiful.
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    It was 95° outside. Wet wading Icicle Creek River; it’s bigger than I remember from my climbing days, was awesomely refreshing. The river temp was 62°. Missed a few but landed 6 small rainbow trout that hammered an EHC. It was like they were carrying "catch me first" signs.
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    8” to 9” cookie cutters, but fun with the 3 weight
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    My wife got very ill after eating a crepe that had garlic in it that she’s developed a bad allergy to and had to miss the play :( . She made me go so both tickets wouldn’t be wasted. The amphitheater has a view overlooking where Tumwater Canyon meets Icicle Canyon. They use the surrounding hillside and forest as part of the stage. I play guitar in orchestras for about 30 stage musical production performances a year and I marveled at the clever and choreographed set changes done by the actors rather than a separate stage crew. The play was excellent and we plan to go again so my wife and I can enjoy it together.
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