Idaho/Montana Fishin' Trip Report

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    First, thank you to everyone who helped me with info about some of this water, the trip went very well.

    Got into Ellensburg wednesday evening the 17th for some Yakima fishing. Made my first trip to Red's Fly Shop around 930ish and was more than pleased. I don't know who helped me but he was EXTREMELY nice and offered great advice, will make an effort to support that shop everytime i'm out there now. Anyways, got into the water around 10ish. Was about 150 yards down from the Uptanum(sp?) bridge on the west side of the river. The morning was slow, but things picked up around 12. Was throwing a number of hopper patterns. Had 3 or 4 LDR's before switching to pmd emerger pattern that proved worthy. More LDR's, but managed 3 beautiful fish to hand before 3:00. Had lunch and was back on the water by 5 and had seen some pleasant looking water about a 1/4 - 1/2 mile up fromt he bridge, again wading in from the west side of the river i spent the next 3 hours casting to some risers. Think i may have found myself in pod of whitefish, as i could see them flashing me as they hovered off the bottom, good size as well. Anyways, only managed one rainbow to hand in that time on dark mayfly spinner pattern. At dusk the hatch was on and fish were rising EVERYWHERE, but i couldn't match the fly, think it was a very small bug light in color and they got darker as the evening went on (who knows, i certainly don't otherwise i would have caught them). Called it a night and was back on the water below the bridge around 1100 the next morning and got right into the action with some caddis patterns. Colors weren't so much a concern but SIZE was the difference, smaller was better. Size 20 elk hair caddis did well until i left around 2:00. 6 to hand with plenty of lost fish. Overall, the weather was beautiful, the fishing was good and saw some HUGE fish (~24in?)just below the bridge jumping 2-3 feet outta the water in the middle of the day, amazing.

    Spent all of friday afternoon and evening driving. Camped at weitas (sp?) creek. Hiked up the weitas creek trail and tossed a fly here and there. Some local friends had mentioned it would be worth a stop. WE, didn't actually get into any fish, just admired the scenery and the hordes of kokanee making there way up, they were everywhere, would watch them chase off some larger fish definitely not kokanee. So there are other good fish in there. After lunch we drove up to where kelly creek dumps into the N Fork Clearwater and found the first pulloff, again more kokanees and little to no action on trout, tossed everything we had at them, and talked to others fishing who were doing very poorly. Finally i caught a couple 10inchers and was AMAZED when almost every time i was bringing the little guys in some very large fish (>24in??) biting at there tails, looked to me like some bulltrout, lil skinny though, and bigheads. Anyways, never did catch any of them, probably better that way, but definitely was amazed by them. Spent the night and said by to camping buddy, woke up nice and early, talked with the lady at the work center and purchased a good'ole map. drove up to where the kelly creek trail starts and a bridge crosses the creek and heads towards cayuse i believe (correct me if i'm wrong). The fishing improved immensely. Spent the next two days fishing all day. Followed the trail up a little ways then spent the days wading from pool to pool in some great skinny water. Casting dries to large beautiful cutthroat. This was definitely heaven. Dark brown elk hair caddis was the ticket, well over 30 fish to hand with some plumpy whitefish mixed in on some prince nymphs. Unbelievable scenery and only saw 3 other flyfishers in those 2 days, the campsites are nice as well. Hardest thing i ever did was leave that water.

    Idaho conclusion - Beautiful place, everyone we talked with up there was very very nice and the fish are there, i'll be back.

    Left Idaho over Hoodoo Pass on monday evening, beautiful pass. Spent the next week in montana. Only 2 days fishing couple 12 inch browns on rock creek first ay, tricky with the wind. Next day tried the blackfoot to get out of the wind but to no avail, the wind kept picking up and it was too much for me. Line control was hard enough for me on some of these rivers even without the wind, it was impossible with it. Not to mention i hooked my shirt and vest a few times, and just did not want to be prying the hook from my nose or ear next.And the wind kept up most of my visit. Lots of flyguys on rock creek, blackfoot wide open. Anyways, saw tons of water, even drove over to the missouri, man its huge. Amazing country out there, overabundance of deer, windy, hot. Oh yeah, the rock creek merch is a neat little place, even if the help was busy all the time. Will be back someday to dedicate more time to these rivers.

    Most Valuable Fly -------> Elk Hair Caddis

    If anyone is headed out to these waters i'd be more than happy to give my 2 cents. Tight lines.

    Fly For Fun

    "Trout Don't Live in Ugly Places" - Alex Higala

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