Idaho trip day 2

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    Day 2 of our trip started off later than the previous.We were waiting for my daughter to join us at camp around noon. After a quick lunch, it was time to head for the lake.
    Rachael, using a spinning rod, was first to bring a fish to the pontoon. Her first victim was a small LMB. The following cast rewarded her with a scrappy bluegill. Shortly after that, I managed to catch a 9” bluegill on a white popper. During this time, the LMB were jumping after the adult damsels.

    After a while, I stumbled upon a method that seemed to agree with the bluegills. I was throwing a small white popper. I would cast the fly within inches of the cat tails. Then I would leave the popper sit as long as I could stand it. If I was patient enough, I would be rewarded with a surface take. I got on the radio to spread the word to our group. Steve went from no action what so ever to being on fire. He definitely was in the zone. Steve also managed to catch the largest gill of the day at 11”.

    My daughter got tired of fishing with the spin rod and decided to watch her dad froth up the water. When I managed to hook a fish, I would give her the rod to try to land it. I was hoping she would want to use my rod to fish, but she was not confident in her casting skills. She was concerned she would keep casting into the weeds. I was fine going into the weeds to retrieve her fly, but she just wanted to fight the fish.

    One of the new arrivals managed to land the largest bass of the day. Unfortunately, no one took a photo. I was told it was close to 20”. I sure would have liked to have seen than LMB. From what I was told, the bass was sitting in a small open area between 2 weed beds. He cast a 1” white leech pattern within 2” of the fish’s nose. He said the bass just opened its mouth, and inhaled the fly. He set the hook and the fight was on.

    Today was a great day for me. Everyone in our group caught fish; and I got to spend the day with my daughter. Can life get any better? Word has it that there is a low front coming through tomorrow. If that happens, things will be slowing down. We may try a different lake tomorrow. That decision will be made based on the wind. After we got off the lake, we decided to make another run to Cabelas. I had given away my last white popper, and needed to resupply. Now that I(we) have a good supply of white poppers, I am sure yellow or some other color will be the hot ticket in upcoming days. Isn’t that the way it usually goes.

    More to come.