Idaho trip day 5

Shawn West

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We woke up to a howling wind. We spent most of the morning organizing gear and playing cards. After lunch, we decided to give the bluegill lake a try. We were pleasantly surprised to see calm waters. I decided to throw a white bluegill popper. I managed to catch a couple of bluegill, but I was not slaying. My buddy, Steve, on the other hand, was keeping busy fighting bluegills. Within a half hour of getting on the lake, the wind decided to make its presence known. This was not what we had in mind. We had major white caps and swells.

I was lucky enough to be in a semi protected portion of the lake. I kept on fishing with a Simiseal Leech. I had found a 10' area that appeard to be packed with aggressive bluegills. I spent a good 30 minutes catching bluegills as fast as I could unhook a fish and make an additional cast. The wind finally got hold of my pontoon and blew me to the other side of the lake.

Back in the shadows was where I hooked most of my fish

I fought my way back over to the leeward side of the lake. Steve had brought me an anchor. I would have had to stop fishing if he had not done that for me. I found a spot that worked well for me earlier on this trip. I dropped anchor and tied on a Possum Bugger. I managed to catch 6 more bluegills. Steve and Al were fishing a sheltered cove just around the corner from me. I joined them and managed to not get any srtikes. I decided to fish my way back to the launch. The Possum Bugger worked well. I even managed to catch a 12" LMB with it. I did not know it then, but this would be our last time on this lake.

One more report to come.