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    My father and I met east of Boise for a day of fishing. I was not expecting to have a good time on the water. The weatherman predicted winds upwards of 20 MPH with gusts much higher. Because I had scouted the lake a few days prior, I decided we should try another lake that has SMB. If we were lucky, the crappie would still be around. We arrived at the lake to find perfect weather conditions. There was a slight breeze and cloudy skies. It took a while to get all of our gear organized and launch the pontoons. Ten minutes after launching the pontoons, we got hit by a storm cell. It dumped a bunch of rain on us, and blew the toons around a bit. The wind, while fairly mild by my standards, would cause my father a lot of grief. He really struggled to control his toon all day. To top things off, the fish showed my father no love.

    The water temperature was 64 degrees. I spent a lot of my time trying to help my father. I did manage to catch about six crappie as well as six smb. The bass were all on the small size. The largest was probably about 10 inches. The largest crappie was about fourteen inches. I caught fish using a Simiseal Leech, Polar Fibre Clouser, and a baitfish imitation. As Dad and I were almost back to the launch, I got one last strike. I set the hook, and gave my rod to my father. It made my trip watching my father play that fish. The ear to ear smile on his face was my reward.

    I do not get to spend near as much time with my father as I would prefer. The little time we do get to spend together is cherished. I worry I will not get many more opportunities to fish with Dad. You can bet I will take advantage of every chance I get to spend time on the water with him.




    Let's do this again soon Dad.

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